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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Artist Bios for the Upcoming Island Wide Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit in Kasaan September 23, 2017!


1. Art needs to be dropped off no later than Wednesday September 20th at Dr. Melendrez Chiropractic Clinic at Hamilton drive in Craig by 5PM.

2. Or in Kasaan at Totem Cafe Friday September 22nd at Noon to Gretchen Klein.

3. Special arrangements can be made with Gretchen for pick-up, and returning your items to you. I already have a few of you on my radar.

Artist Bios

Forest Anderson, Craig
Forest has lived on Prince of Wales for many years raising her family and being active in the community. She is Community Family Service Worker in SEARHC's Behavioral Health Department. Forest has been involved with many community events and is always happy to facilitate activities to bring people together. She will be hosting an interactive table called "Rocking Resiliency". Guest will have the opportunity to create beautiful stones in a wide range of colors and themes. Some of these stones may come to a walking trail near you in the future.

Cecilia (Litzi) Botello- Port Protection
Cecilia is a sculptor of polymer clay. Her inspiration comes from the forests and the ocean that surround her while trolling with her husband. She loves the colors of the king salmon and tries to mimic those colors in her art.

Tamara Buoy - Craig
Tamara has lived on the island for many years and loves working with natural materials. She is also a skilled photographer.

Stephanie T Brock – Coffman Cove
Stephanie is 28 years old and has lived on Prince of Wales Island for most of her life. She has always been a creative person, but has recently found her passion in painting.

Tori Carl- Craig
Tori is a local artist from Prince of Wales. A lot of what she loves to do is outdoors; kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Tori finds inspiration from what she sees around her. Her pieces reflect why the sea can be so beautiful.

Tanya Clark - Hollis
Tanya grew up in Juneau, Alaska. She moved to the Island in the Fall of 2007, and fell in love with the Island. She has been here ever since. Tanya has been running her own business, 907 Island Inspired, for 2 years now. She makes items from materials that she collects throughout the Island including; deer horns, shells, sea glass, driftwood, flowers, rocks, fish ear bones, etc. Most of the materials she gathers are on one of the many outings that her family and her go on. Tanya has 3 daughters, a wonderful husband and a baby on the way. She uses an array of mixed media from watercolors, acrylics, photography, wire, beads, and wood burning. The end product will be jewelry, a decorative wall hanging, Christmas ornaments, wind chimes, or a pretty mobile with a Prince of Wales theme.

Caren Cooke- Whale Pass
Caren likes the challenge of drawing portraits. For this show she made a portrait of Jerry Welch, expert maker of English longbows, crafting a bow in his shop in Whale Pass. This is the first of a series that Caren hopes to complete of real Alaskan artists doing their craft.

Adeline DeCastro – Klawock
Adeline is a seamstress who loves to sew as well as create other textile arts like macramé, knitting, crochet, embroidery, and regalia making. She also loves to share her work by donating banners to her local Presbyterian church. Adeline’s Raven design wall hanging was created to help one imagine, dream, believe, create, and have courage.

Mary Hailey – Craig
Mary Hailey is a longtime resident of Craig. She has always loved baskets and collected them for many years. About 5 years ago, she had the opportunity to learn to weave and her passion for weaving seems to increase daily. The reason Mary loves weaving baskets is that not only are they attractive, but they are usable. It brings her pleasure to know that someone is using a basket she made.

Bonnie Hamar- Kasaan
Bonnie (Ketsgat’ Laas) is Haida Eagle (Frog-Sculpin) of the Saláans Gitálang Clan. Her passion is working with a variety of mediums to create interesting and unique items. Her culture, family, and natural materials are inspiration for all her work.

Stephanie Hamar- Kasaan
Stephanie creates things that are interesting to her - generally simple things created from wild materials. She also likes to challenge herself with more complex processes, like working with metals. Crafting is the most productive thing Stephanie enjoys doing in her down time.

Stormy Hamar- Kasaan
Stormy was raised on the waters of Prince of Wales, and currently lives in the territory of Kasaan. He enjoys simplicity and practicality combined with flowing lines.

Juliette Isanogle of Wild Art USA – Craig
Juliette is a nature and wildlife photographer and full time resident of Prince of Wales. She has had a love for art all her life. She enjoys bringing nature and wildlife that has character into people lives through her photography. Juliette also enjoys interior decorating.

Sheila Jacobson - Craig
Sheila has been a basket maker for the past 25 years, mostly to satisfy her combined need for order and chaos. While she has dabbled in plaiting and twine weaving techniques she especially enjoys the endless possibilities of ribbed construction combined with antlers and beach driftwood. Sheila incorporates locally harvested materials such as cedar bark and beach grass at whim, which she collects through her Southeast Alaska adventures. She lives on waters edge in Craig, Alaska.

Denise James – Craig
Denise was born and raised in Craig. She is a long time quilter and can turn other peoples scraps into works of art. Not only are her quilts lovely, they will keep you warm on a winter’s nights. Denise is a member of the POW Quilters Guild.

Amy Jennings- Thorne Bay
Amy has lived in SE Alaska for 20 years. The beauty of Prince of Wales Island has captured her heart. She finds inspiration everywhere and that is what she tries to portray on canvas.

Hadara Jennings – Thorne Bay
Anime is something that’s really important to Hadara because a very special person introduced her to it. The first time she saw the style she completely fell in love with it. Hadara has been drawing Anime ever since.

Laura Jennings - Thorne Bay
Laura enjoys creating things. She is inspired by everything around her.

Stephanie Jurries- Craig
Stephanie is a professional photographer, naturalist, and fisherman living on Prince of Wales. Our beautiful island inspires her endlessly.

Kris Kain – Hollis
Kris loves rocks and gemstones so much that she started making jewelry with them 17 years ago. She has been impressed with the rock collections on the island.

Michael Kain- Hollis
Michael has been making burl wood furniture for 18 years. He loves to see the end result and thoroughly enjoys working with the wood he salvages.

June Krolikwski- Klawock
After traveling to 36 different countries and spending time on her sailboat, June found the solitude of POW to be the perfect place to do what she loves. June is influenced by NW coast native art. She spends many hours in her studio carving ivory and assorted woods as well as painting with different mediums.

Cathy Klinkert- Naukati
Cathy is an artist of many mediums; sand paintings and baskets are two of her favorites. She is self taught and developed her own style of sand paintings after studying the traditional Navajo sand painting. Cathy started her Story Baskets after attending Nantucket basket making workshops in Kodiak in the 1980's. She also learned Eskimo basket making from Elders in Togiak and Aleut basket making in Kodiak from Arlene Skinner.

Laci Lowery- Craig
Laci was born in Ketchikan and raised in Craig. Her crest is Eagle Humming Bird. Laci loves doing native arts projects. So far she has made 3 paddles in varying sizes and new designs.

Judy Magnuson – Port Protection
Judy has been a fisherman for 34 years. She spends her winters doing her art which includes painting, beading and weaving. Judy’s inspiration comes from nature and her love of color.

Sophia Martin – Thorne Bay
Twelve-year-old Sophia Martin is “The Girl From The North Country”. She began performing in Thorne Bay Baptist Church at the age of seven. By age eight, she was gigging locally at the monthly Island Grind in Craig. Sophia has performed at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau twice, and has bused from Alaska to Idaho and Oregon and back. Her most steady gig has been with Allen Marine's Alaska Dream Cruises onboard the Alaska Dream where she entertains passengers with her special blend of folk, country, gospel, soul, and rock music, including her original compositions. One of Sophia’s coolest accomplishments as a musician is when she led a group of pro-education demonstrators in singing Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" on the steps of the state capitol.

Cammie May- Craig
Cammie was born and raised on Prince of Wales. She is inspired by nature and color. She enjoys mixing realism and surrealism in hope to evoke curiosity and expand the minds of all viewers.

Lucy Maldonado – Thorne Bay

By Lucy Maldonado
Lucy has been fascinated with glass since she started watching Dale Chihuly specials on PBS over 20 years ago. She took a kiln fired glass class at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA last year and was hooked. She has been making kiln fired glass creations for approximately 9 months in Thorne Bay, AK.

Jeannie McFarland- Thorne Bay
Jeannie is inspired by her love of crafting the wonderful pine trees of the Pacific Northwest. This gave her a perfect medium to coil baskets. Her grandmother introduced her to this technique when she was young. Jeannie’s skill developed further in her early 20’s during meetings with others interested in this craft. Sharing the techniques with others has developed into a 38-year career of teaching, selling, and writing books on pine needle raffia basketry.

Cathy McIntosh – Craig
Cathy is a photographer and a visual artist. She began her journey in art in the San Francisco East Bay at an early age. She was fortunate to intern with a local oil painter for over 4 years, starting at the age of 12. She continued her passion of the arts in public education through college and her travels through Hawaii, San Diego, and Reno, Nevada. She pursued various art forms from photography, drawing, painting, pastels and pottery. A slight detour from the arts occurred as she raised a wonderful family and pursued a profession as an accountant and licensed CPA. However, art and visual expression were always a part of her household and view of the world. Beauty is everywhere!
Moving to this magical island has re-inspired her to pursue arts. While she is still passionate about painting in various mediums, she loves the immediacy of capturing the moment with photography. Beauty is everywhere here, from whales breaching and wonderful sunsets to rusted cars and old buildings. Magic happens here and she is grateful to capture some of it.

Terri Metcalf – Port Protection
Terri is a resident of Port Protection retiring to a life of producing art. After many adventures and careers in SE Alaska, she is loving life and making every minute meaningful.

Joyce Mason Craig
Joyce began sewing when she joined 4-H at an early age. She focused on clothing until moving to Alaska ten years ago when she started quilting. She designs, pieces and machine quilts her unique quilts that are displayed in her home and given to family and friends. She has also started a quilting business, machine quilting for others as Majestic Designs by Joyce.

Trina Nation –Klawock
Like a Kokanee salmon Trina was landlocked in the Rocky Mountains until 10 years ago when she officially declared Alaska her home. Together with her husband Kurt Whitehead and their cat Scupper they own & operate Treasure Hunter Lodge LLC near Klawock, providing hunting & fishing services for their guests. Trina LOVES beachcombing and enjoys "up-cycling" some of her treasures, embellishing them with love and acrylic.

Frederick Otilius Olsen, Jr. - Kasaan
Frederick is a photographer. His composition and shadows influence his photos the most, perhaps because of the Haida art form. Frederick was born and raised in Ketchikan and now resides in Kasaan.

Greg and Sandra Ouellette – Thorne Bay
Greg and Sandra love spending time outside and working with wood. They have lived on Prince of Wales since 1979.

Clarence V. Peele Jr. - Hydaburg

By Clarence Peele Jr. 

Clarence is Raven, Dog Salmon. He likes to work with wood and tree bark. Carvings he has seen in photographs inspire him. Clarence always wanted a cedar hat. He took a weaving class to learn how to make his own.

Warren Peele – Hydaburg
Warren was born and raised in Hydaburg, He has been carving silver since 1963, and wood much longer. Warren specializes in custom-made silver jewelry and makes beautiful bentwood cedar boxes.

Travis Peterson, Off the Hook Taxidermy – Klawock

By Travis Peterson
Travis is a full time taxidermists (8 years) specializing in fish. He works with real skin, molding/casting, sculpting, and replicas. Travis studied and worked in fisheries for over 25 years.

Joanne Johnson Pierson – Klawock
Joanne has been artist all her life, starting in grade school. She lived on a boat for many years. Joanne uses many different mediums to create beautiful watercolors, commercial art, and murals of primarily wildlife and the beauty of Southeast. Her inspiration comes from God.

Carla Petersen – Thorne Bay
Carla paints Alaskan wildlife, scenery, and other subjects on canvas, conks, walls, and large panels. As a twenty year POW resident, much of her work derives from photos taken around the island. For forty years Carla has created various types of art including illustrations, acrylic paintings, logo design, notecards, sign painting, window painting, t-shirt design, and murals on walls from Fairbanks to Unalaska.

Lorraine Pierce- Craig
Lorraine is a teacher for the Craig City School District. Her father-in-law and mentor, Dr. Barry Pierce, ignited her passion for woodturning. She has been turning wood since 1990. Lorraine believes that the artistic mysteries of the wood reveal themselves in the finished process.

Sherry Preston –Klawock
Sherry is bead worker specializing in loom work and peyote stitch. Her inspiration comes from everything around her. Sherry also likes to do custom work.

Cyndi Reeves – Craig
Cyndi Reeves creates scenes using rocks and antler. She also creates Eskimo dancers (Eskimo Dantlers).

Jeri Rosenthal- Craig
Jeri was originally a painter whom decided to branch out into clay work. Today, she combines the two mediums to create beautiful paintings and illustrations on clay bowls, tiles, and tables.

Jon Rowan, Jr. – Klawock
Jon is 53 years old. He is a carver whose passion is creating works of art in the Northwest coast style. He tries to emulate his ancestors and their quality. Jon thinks of things he can create from the time he awakes until he closes his eyes.

Marty Sharp- Craig
Marty has been painting for many years in the mediums of oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Her inspiration comes from nature, her family, and especially Southeast landscapes and culture. Marty has lived on Prince of Wales since 1979.

Rebecca Sheufelt- Kasaan
Rebecca was born in Spain and has spent most of her life living and working on boats. She has a degree in traditional wooden boat building and has recently branched out to add fiber arts and carving to her artistic repertoire. She now lives in Kasaan where she revels in the abundance of natural materials and inspirations.

Joe Sieling – Klawock
Joe has lived on Prince of Wales for several years. He enjoys numerous creative hobbies, as well as running his own sawmill business and inventing things in his shop.

Bessie Singletary – Craig
Bessie has lived in Alaska since 2004. She enjoys making unique cookies an fruitcakes at Christmas time and other desserts throughout the year. Bessie enjoys quilting, it is a way for her to relax and let her mind go free!

Carrie Sykes – Kasaan
Carrie is an Alaskan Native, a Haida Raven from the Double-Fin Killer Whale clan. She grew-up in Ketchikan where her grandmother, Vesta Johnson, raised her. When Carrie was very young, her grandmother taught her about her Haida culture and how to make traditional regalia. She has continued to create traditional Haida artwork all her life.

Mariia Taylor – Thorne Bay

By Mariia Taylor

Mariia is an artist from the Ukraine that lives in Thorne Bay. She loves to paint Alaskan nature on wood plaques, boxes, plates, and eggs. Mariia thinks our island is the most beautiful place in the world.

Richard Trojan – Craig
Rich enjoys bringing the beauty found in nature out of the wild and into a form that can be enjoyed and viewed at home. He works with wood and stone. Rich prefers to create useful items like a bowl or tray but has also created large pieces just for display.

Vera Thibodeau- Craig
Vera Thibodeau is a life long Alaskan living in Craig. Her love of sewing started in 5th grade and gradually grew into a love of quilting. She has tried other arts but always comes back to quilting. Retirement gives her more time to do what she loves!

Tom Trudeau, S.E Alaska StoneWorks- Craig S.E.
Alaska has beautiful stone; most comes from Prince of Wales and surrounding islands. Each cut stone is unique and can become a beautiful piece of art with it’s own pattern that is highlighted when finished. We hope you will enjoy Tom’s work.

Megan Wakefield - Whale Pass
Megan is 17 years old and the only high school student in Whale Pass. She has always loved art and dabbles in many different styles. Watercolor is her favorite.

Tom Wargi – Craig
Tom is a sculptor who finds inspiration in pieces of wood. The wood seems to tell him what it wants to become. Tom uses driftwood and dead wood from the forest to create unique sculptures of both land and sea creatures.

Bailey Watson – S Thorne Bay
Bailey is a self-taught photographer and recently received some encouraging advice from a National Geographic photographer. Tom said, “Bailey, don’t expect to shoot a great picture until you have taken at least 10,000 photos.” Bailey continues to practice, looking for the perfect shot.

Jo Wendel – Thorne Bay
Living in SE all of her life has given Jo a desire to interpret the nature and the beauty of this amazing place through art. She enjoys combining local materials and silver to make wearable art that let people express their love of Prince of Wales Island.

Nicole West – Thorne Bay

By Nicole West
Nicole was introduced to watercolor at a young age, and has been fascinated with the medium ever since. She enjoys the diversity of watercolor and the relaxing element in using water to create art. Unique perspectives, unusual use of color, and stunning contrasts are elements Nicole enjoys incorporating into her paintings.

Scott Willburn – Craig
Scott has been on and around Prince of Wales Island since 1959. He specifically works with local materials. Scott likes fine furniture and turning.

Samantha Wilson – Craig
Samantha is an avid beachcomber with a love for nature. Seeing the amount of plastic debris affecting wild areas, she enjoys repurposing these materials in her work. The loss of old growth forests inspires her to utilize natural materials that are often over-looked.

Celesté Mary Zaraté –Hydaburg
Celesté is Haida and Argentinian and she has been creating art since before Kindergarten. Her art is unique and inspirational. Celesté’s ideas of creativity come from her culture and the universe.

Stihl Heads- Thorne Bay and Craig areas
The Stihl Heads are comprised of the Ken Owen, long time resident and owner of Papa's Pizza. He will be jamming acoustic guitar and singing vocals. Multi-talented, Isaac Martin, guitar player, vocalist, and bass guitar player, will be laying down some sick bass rhythms. Local community rock star, Daniel Nelson, guitar player, vocalist, and drummer, will be rocking the drums with beats that will stay in your head for days! And Andy West will be playing electric guitar and bringing some soothing vocals. Stihl Heads sing all original songs that have a 60's and 70's Classic/Southern/Folk Rock style, with an easy listening vibe! Other activities the band participates in includes; whale petting, tackle golf, and slack lining.

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Special Thanks:

Volunteer Art Leadership Committee for coordinating this event:
Mary Hailey, Julie Isom, Heidi Young,
Kris Kain, Cameo McRoberts, Cathy Klinkert,
Cyndi Reeves, and Dr. Michael Melendrez

Volunteer Coordinator:
Gretchen Klein

Volunteer Tour Guide for Whale House:
Frederick O. Olsen Jr

Menu for the Art Show

Boat Ride to Kasaan from Hollis

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