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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

POW Report's 1,000th Post! And I Need Your Advice For a New Book I'm Writing!

Well here it is! POW Report is in the long game now that we have reached 1,000 posts!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading, sharing, and liking the posts! Please continue to spread the word and let others know that this website exists for the Island!

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for donations. The PFD is coming up and while the Governor successfully cut it by 50% I know that you can spare $12 a year or a $1 a month to keep this site going! Unlike my competitor who has a full time staff and makes money from ads. I'm a ONE MAN SHOW and I don't want campy ads (that slowly seem to take over websites) which is why this is reader supported only.

So, please donate here or here and thank you to everyone who has already donated and continue to support the site!

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Now for the Advice!

I'm writing a book that will be a compilation of life stories from Seniors and Elders of Prince of Wales Island! I want to interview Seniors and Elders who have been life long (or long time) residents of the Island and who would like to share their experiences and stories!

What I need are suggestions for people to interview and who would like to be interviewed!

I need: 

Craig: 3 People
Klawock: 3 People
Hydaburg: 3 People
Kasaan: 2 People
Hollis: 1 or 2 People
Thorne Bay: 3 People
Coffman Cove: 2 People
Naukati: 1 Person

I need: 

For those that accept being interviewed I need them to sign a form allowing me to interview them and publish their stories. I also want them to talk specifically about 2 or 3 items that have significance to them. The items can be pictures, blankets, art, rocks, anything! As well as their life history and any stories and life challenges that they would like to share. 

Please share and send suggestions of elders and seniors to interview! 

Please email me at powreport@gmail.com with the name of the person(s) and their contact information. Please have "Book Interview" somewhere in the title of the email. 


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