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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Year in Review Or [The Year POW Report Grew!]

Well, well, well...here we are again...another year over...HOW DID THIS YEAR GO BY SO FAST!?!?

I remember as a kid after I first watched Peter Pan---caught up in the magic of the music and the adventure I just witnessed----I hurriedly ran to the kitchen and told my mom, "I'm going to be just like Peter Pan and Never Grow Up!" She just looked at me, replied, "Mhm..." and then went back to washing the dishes.

Grow up I did and a lot of growing up I have done; especially on this website!

POW Report Has over 1,000 Facebook Followers!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has liked, shared, replied and commented on the Facebook site and on the website! It means a lot! Facebook has messed with the algorithms so remember to always 'share' the stories that you like and help spread the word about this website!

As many of you well know, I run this website by myself and although a handful of mean spirited people have insulted me for my work all of your kind comments and financial support matters a lot!

Talking about Financial Support!

I finally made my very first dollar on this website thanks to seven very generous patrons and donations from paypal! Thank you very much to everyone who has donated!! I would mention who you are but I know that you value your privacy. As i've stated before, I'm the only one running this site. My enemy "competitor" who shall not be mentioned (but rhymes with 'hyland compost') has multiple staff and a bunch of money, however, if you compare the quality of media I produce to what they produce. They aren't even in the same league as me! 

Moving forward into 2018 if you visit this site and social media page and have just one dollar a month to spare, [I would appreciate your patronage and support!] I know that you know that I know that you appreciate the work that I do...so, why not just spare 1 smackaroo a month? 


I had an impressive month ending in record readership and visits to the site!

And an impressive amount of active readers this year!

For a small regional news website this is very impressive and to my surprise POW Report gets a lot of readership from Yakutat! Ha! Thanks for reading!

Moving Forward

One of the things that I would love to do is to get more engagement on the website itself, instead of just through social media. There are two ways that I believe I can accomplish this And I want your input!

1. Redesign the website so it's more user friendly and comment friendly

2. Have more general commentary articles

1. What are your opinions on the website? Do you think it needs to be redesigned? Why don't you comment more? What will it take for you to comment and interact? 

2. I would like to post more editorial/comment styled articles commenting on the news and the events. Here is an example. I've come to believe (and tell me if i'm wrong) that the news is only as good as the discussion and dialogue that is created. If i'm able to get the ball rolling on certain news stories (they will probably be the more controversial ones) and get a bit more discussion, then it's a win-win for everyone. 

Please let me know how powreport can improve in 2018, maybe you like it exactly the way it is? 

Thank you very much for all the support and here is to an incredible 2018! 

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