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Friday, January 19, 2018

POW Report Gets a Site Update!!

Well What Do You Think? 

I'm still working out the kinks and will do some more edits in the next few days. You won't believe the amount of time it takes to make the changes I want--despite how easy website design is these days. Back in the day of course it was all html code! Now it's mostly plug ins and widgets with a little bit of html. 

This website upgrade is a lot easier to comment with three different comment options! Let me know how that goes!

The first time you load the page it will take a little bit longer than usual, however, after that it will pop up at the regular speed. 

If you appreciate the local news and the work that is done please Donate to the website (it's expensive and time consuming)! 

Don't forget to share the stories you like (and don't like) and let others know about powreport.com! 

Also if you would like to submit an article or guest post email powreport@gmail.com 

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