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Saturday, February 10, 2018

3 Reasons Why People Hate You

We've all been there more times than we can remember, someone will stop talking to you for absolutely no reason that you can perceive. People treat you passive-aggressively or my personal favorite, you find out someone hates you before you even met them.

During this last political season, I have had my fair share of hate mail and lots of discouraging comments in my life with lots of relationships and friendships severed. If you have ever been in such spots here are three well known reasons why these people hate you.

1. They See You As a Threat

Basically, all three reasons have to do with the person's ego. In reason number 1 their ego is so big that you are threat to their personality and they don't want the extra competition.

2. They Hate Themselves

Reason number 2, their ego is so low that they have a 'crabs in the bucket' mentality and are so miserable with themselves that they also want to pull you down and thus project their own misery on to you. 

3. They Want to be You

Finally, for reason number 3 they are narcissists, except they are the worst kind of narcissist...a 'lazy narcissist.' They hate you because you are successful and one of the first warning signs that they will tell you is; 'You are SO LUCKY...'  Of course, we all know that success has nothing to do with luck. It takes a lot of freaking work! People who hate you don't have the self-discipline to work and improve their lives so instead they will work to hate you and try to make you miserable. 

It's important for us to immediately identify these people and cut them out of our lives. I gave clear cut examples above yet often this 'hate' isn't visible and is a much more 'passive-aggressive' endeavor. It may take YEARS for you to finally realize that the friend you thought you had was really just an enemy all along!

Another way to think about it, if people hate you, it means you are doing something right! 

Then again there may also be a [4th reason]. 

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