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Monday, February 12, 2018

Captain Licensing Course Opportunity for POW in the Spring!

There is an opportunity to once again hold a captains licensing (OUPV, 25-ton up to 100-ton) course here on POW, but the instructor needs to know how much interest there is in holding such a course.

The course is 10 days long, 8 hours a day, and at cost of $800. 

We need a minimum of 10 people in order to hold a course. 

Dates and location cannot be set until the interest has been gauged and individuals are willing to commit with a deposit. We realize it is hard to commit without a date and location, but if you, an employee, or potential employee are interested, have them call Stephanie Jurries at 907-321-5772 or email, as she is willing to try to coordinate this course again.

We had a full class of 20 participants last year, and hopefully we can help provide this service again sometime in the spring of 2018. All suggestions for dates are welcome!

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