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Sunday, February 25, 2018

NEWS ON A PLANE! Plane Makes an Emergency Landing and a Fight Breaks Out Because a Man Refused to Stop Farting

Everyone has experienced a flight with some very irritating fellow passengers, but it's seldom that one person on a flight stinks up the whole plane to the point of conflict.

That's what reportedly happened to Transavia Airlines passengers on a mid-February flight from Dubai to Amsterdam when a fellow passenger refused to stop passing gas. It was said to have made the plane so foul-smelling that a fight reportedly broke out between passengers and the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna, Austria, De Telegraaf reported.

The incident began when a man allegedly passed gas repeatedly and argued with the irritated passengers next to him. According to Metro, two Dutchmen next to the passenger begged him to stop passing gas, but the flight crew reportedly refused to hear their complaints or rectify the situation.

In retaliation to the complaints, the man reportedly continued to fart. A fight eventually broke out between the men, which meant an emergency landing was necessary for everyone's safety, Metro reported.

Once they landed in Vienna, the pilot reported "passengers on the rampage" to police, according to Travel + Leisure, who then boarded the plane with dogs. Not only did authorities remove the two Dutchmen, they also decided to detain two Dutch women, who are now suing the airport because they claim they weren't involved in the first place, De Telegraaf reported.

Ok, the first question I have that's been bugging me is was the farting man actually removed from the flight as well!?!? I've read several articles on this story now and there is no answer!

Second question, why the hell do people behave like animals on airplanes?!? I don't know what it is. On the ground you can chat up a person and they will be the nicest person in the world but as soon as they board an airplane they become absolute animals!

Or my favorite, the "arm rest guy" (it's always a guy and not a lady, don't ask why). You know who i'm talking about, the guy who becomes extremely territorial of the arm rest!

Which brings up a good question that must be answered, if you sit in the middle do you get both arm rest on either side of you? Is that airplane law?

Talking about airplane laws we need to go over a couple


Look, I know you are uncomfortable. AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE! Reclining your chair once forces EVERYONE behind you to also recline their chair and it's unnecessary and makes everyone else uncomfortable. 

2. When you are flying early in the morning OR your plane has those awesome televisions in the seat PULL DOWN YOUR WINDOW BLIND! If you have a television and are watching it that means that the person next to you, behind you and in front of you is also watching it. Pulling down your window blind is a courtesy move for the fellows in front/behind you and allows them to watch their movie better or take a nap instead of being blinded by the sun. 

3. If you have a small bladder, DON'T SIT AT THE WINDOW! There's nothing worse than having to get up (or being woken up) a gorrilion times because your fellow passenger had a few too many and can't hold it in. 

4. Don't Fart on Planes (duh) and wear deodorant. It's inevitable that on a long flight you will get sweaty so pre-empt that arm stank with some heavy duty deodorant. 

Do you have any other airplane laws, etiquette or tricks?

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