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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

NEWS ON A PLANE! POW Report is Going on Vacation and bringing an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FLAME THROWER!

Well, after a year of hard work and growing the site tremendously, (thank your everyone for sharing and spreading the word about the website!) i'm finally going on vacation!

I'm going on a road trip around Washington and we will see where I end up. While I am gone I do want to make a caveat, At minimum you aren't going to notice a difference in the amount of site maximum I will still make regular posts on the Facebook page and the content on the website will slow down. 

You can forgive me though right?

Now, what kind of article would this be if we didn't have some NEWS ON A PLANE!!!!

Delta bars veteran from carrying on emotional support flamethrower

Marine veteran Eli Burroughs claims his pet flamethrower, named Smaug, helps him cope with all the other service animals and icky snowflakes that have begun to take up space on airlines recently. All the snakes, reptiles, ferrets, spiders, and Komodo Dragons other passengers claim for emotional support cause him an overwhelming amount of anxiety, he says.

“It’s like Noah’s Ark on flights now days, and it smells like a unwashed kennel,” said Burroughs. “The only thing you can smell on old Smaug here is the napalm, and that smells like victory.”

The incident comes as airlines are increasingly fired up over policy changes regarding emotional support and service. Carriers and passengers most recently have endured an outbreak of fleas and ticks, bubonic plague, and a tragic in-flight incident involving a 15-foot crocodile and a pack of therapeutic howler monkeys....

Burroughs claims it’s not just all about him. He’s considering the emotional security of his fellow passengers as well. Whenever he travels with Smaug, he’s able to enjoy a safe space over 80 meters in diameter.

This article is of course a joke article and didn't actually happen (it's just a funny article). What's not a joke is that people become absolute animals on planes as is highlighted by this REAL ARTICLE:

Naked passenger watched porn, attacked crew during flight

[New York Post]
Bangladesh authorities arrested a passenger who reportedly stripped naked and watched porn on his computer before attacking an airline crew member on a flight from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, to Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saturday night.

Shortly after takeoff, the 20-year-old university student, who was flying home on the Malindo Air flight, began to exhibit disturbing behavior, New Strait Times reported.
See, i've been warning for a year now not to send your kids to college! See this is exactly the type of stuff that happens. Colleges create monsters!

At about 10,000 feet, the man took off all his clothes and started watching pornography on his laptop, according to the paper.

The cabin crew approached him and politely asked him to put on his clothes,” another passenger on the plane told the Sun Daily.

Soon after, the man went to the restroom and tried to hug a female crew member.


“He complied with their request. A short while later there was some commotion at the toilet area and it turned out that he was harassing a stewardess.”

The man tried to hug another female crew member later on in the flight, but became aggressive and attacked the head cabin crew member after attempts were made to calm him down.

With the help of other passengers, crew members were able to restrain the man by tying a piece of cloth around his hands, reported.

Well there you have it. Hopefully no high jinx or incidents happen on my flight! If they do you will hear it here first on Alaska's Number One Source of News on Planes!

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