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Monday, April 16, 2018

Hollis Public Library is Looking for Volunteer to Run the Fundraiser [+ Minutes]

The Hollis Public Library Board is looking for a Hollis resident to take the helm and lead this years' fundraiser! In the past the fundraiser has usually been done in May. The board understands due to time constraints this may have to be pushed later into the Summer or the Fall.

If you would like to volunteer or have more questions please email Sandy at: alaskacurtis@gmail.com

Council Minutes:

Hollis Public Library Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday, March 24, 2018 11:00 am

Call Meeting to order: Sandy called the meeting to order11:02
Attendees: Jackie (over the phone), Kristy, Heidi, Sandy, Arthur

Approval of meeting agenda and minutes from last meeting:
Sandy moved to skip this section since it wasn’t ready, there was no objection

OWL Grant: received an update and the grant is still in the Legislature and if they approve it the library will get a portion of the $661,000 grant. The library doesn’t know how big this portion will be.

PLA Grant: The grant was submitted for $7k and specifically if approved the hpe is to upgrade some of the computers.

Hollis Community Council: Sandy went to the meeting two weeks ago and they set aside $1K for this year.

Financially, the Hollis Public library is ‘sitting pretty good’ and the Library has to spend X amount every year in order to continue to receive the PLA grant.

The library will be saving a lot of money by switching to HughesNet internet instead of GCI which is significantly more expensive.

New Business:

Volunteer update:
The library has a new volunteer application from Joseph Schultz and he has carpentry skills and may be able to help fix the walk way leading up to the library.
The board voted without objection to approve Joseph Schultz’ application and be a volunteer.

Overdue Policy: In the past, Sam made some suggestions about the Overdue Policy and a suggestion was made to forgive very old overdue items and in the future if someone has 5 items or more over due after 2 months or more, their library privileges will be revoked until their items are returned.

Sam may be able to write up a Volunteer policy to deal with this issue.

Jackie suggested implementing an email alert system (that would notify patrons) and that the library should continue using the current check in/check out system since the library pays the yearly fee.

Sandy motions to accept Sam’s over due policy, Heidi Seconds.

The motion is approved unanimously.

Rural Libraries Conference in Juneau:

There is a conference the week of May 21-24. Specifically it is a “Professional Development Resources for Public Librarians: 2018 Small Library Institute of Management”. The SLIM is an intensive weeklong workshop providing management and foundational library skills to library directors without Master’s degrees in Library Science--that work in small community libraries in Alaska.

Sandy asked to go to the workshop.

Arthur made a motion to approve Sandy going to Juneau. Heidi seconded. There was no objection.

Sandy has been approved to go to the meeting.

Fund Raiser:

The library is struggling to find a volunteer to help head up the fundraiser and is asking any community members who are interested to please step up and run the fundraiser.

There was discussion of doing the fundraiser in May (as has been done in the past), however, if there are no volunteers to help put it together the fundraiser will need to be postponed.
Jackie suggested sending out a notice with the over due policy changes that Sam had suggested.

Absentee Voting: Deena Taylor will be the new polling person
The library is the absentee location for Hollis residents Andrea Michaels has been the past volunteer however, she isn’t able to do it this year and Deena Taylor has volunteered to help.

Ideas for how we can better utilize the library for the community.

Sandy says that her vision is to have the Library be an open place with many events. She reached out to the State to make the Library an LIO (Legislative Information Office) and they have not responded.

Arthur presented an idea about having a Philosophy Club monthly that he will head up.

Perhaps have a monthly book club as well?

Jackie suggested an idea for a volunteer becoming a Notary.

Other stuff?

Kristy moved to adjourn, Jackie moved to second.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:42.

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