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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In Case You Missed It POW Lost Cellular Network Island Wide. The HORROR!

Sometime around the early afternoon of April 16th cell service went out in Klawock, Hollis, Kasaan, Thorne Bay, Naukati and [reportedly] parts of Ketchikan.

This was me yesterday fam:

Except that this little maneuver didn't work and I panicked. I finally relaxed and went about my day and I was really excited when my phone rang. Finally! Service!

Anywho, service returned around noon of the 17th and your intrepid 'umble editor at large contacted the Craig AP&T office to ask if they knew what happened:

"A cell service tower is down...crew is repairing it"

Duh..."Thanks I said!"

Never one to hear the obvious from just one person...your #1 Online Prince of Wales News Source editor called up the AT&T customer service line 800-331-0500 to get more information and was patched in to Chris whom suspiciously sounded like he lived in India...

"Hey Cris, where do you live?" I ask innocently....

I knew it! 

After some routine protocol "Chris" was able tell POW Report that the "Klawock tower was down" there was no reason that he could give to explain 'why it was down' other than it was scheduled to be down from April 17th-19th. 

The rumor mills spreading on Le Facebook is that this wasn't just an issue that affected POW but cell coverage has been a problem throughout Southeast, Alaska.

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