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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Natives Rising: Is There Anything More Pointless Than the Pursuit of Perfect Fairness?

Natives Rising writes on their facebook page:
Thought for the Day- Is there anything more pointless than the pursuit of perfect fairness? Why should I care if my sister has a cookie that is 3/10 of a milligram more than mine? Why should I care if the guy across the street makes a buck more an hour than me at a similar job?

The least fun games imaginable are the ones nearly impossible to win. If there is nothing about me that I can change to alter the outcome then why play? If my competitors practice more than I do it actually isn't fair that I should ever win unless unless I am naturally better than them. In that scenario then practice (making themselves better) is simply part of the game.

There are people out there who are naturally better than us at the different things in life we do. Should we find it is not in our interest to let them remain that way there is no universe in which it is fair to handicap them so we can feel better about ourselves. There is also no universe in which we actually will feel better about ourselves by cheating in this way.

Life is not fair. We are all blessed with different levels of ability in different areas. Its actually what makes a civilization possible if you think about it. There is no fairness committee that will ever come up with a formula to "correct" this basic fact that will not also be amazingly destructive of people's happiness.

We can not reduce the effectiveness of someone else to suit ourselves in any honorable way. The only thing we can do is increase our own.

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[Editor In related News:]

New Jersey school passes rule that everyone makes cheerleading squad, or no one

EAST HANOVER, N.J. -- A school in East Hanover, New Jersey has passed a new rule when it comes to the cheerleading squad.

Either everyone makes the squad, or no one does.

This all started after tryouts at Hanover Park High School, where some cuts were made.

When a parent complained that their child was not allowed on the team, the Athletic Director changed the policy.

Now, anyone who wants to cheer can be on the squad.

Some parents say when they complained the principal then threatened to disband the squad altogether.

The school is standing by the decision to allow everyone interested to participate, with the goal of being inclusive.

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