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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Who Could Have Possibly Predicted This?!?!

Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys 1 Week After Announcing Name Change

The Scouts should have been prepared for this.

One week after the century-old Boy Scouts of America announced it was changing its name and its mission to accept girls at all levels of scouting, its single biggest participant announced Tuesday that it was cutting ties to the Scouts.

And taking one-fifth of the Scouts membership with it.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, usually known as the Mormons, announced Tuesday that it was severing its relationship with the Scouts effective Dec. 31, 2019, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

In a statement issued jointly by the church and the Scouts, the church explained the move by noting that its membership was more global now than ever, and required a global approach.

But there’s no doubt that the Scouts’ increasing willingness to give in to liberal pressure on key points had a lot to do with the Mormons’ discontent.

As noted by the Deseret News — a Salt Lake City newspaper owned by a subsidiary of a holding company owned by the church — the “signs of strain of strain began to emerge years ago.”

It was five years ago that the Scouts voted to admit openly gay boys into the organization. The Mormon church said it had always allowed gays to join but the tension was building.

Three years ago, when the Scouts decided to admit gay Scoutmasters, the church said it would stay with the Scouts after the organization recognized “the right of all religious chartered organizations to select their Scout leaders in accordance with their religious beliefs,” the Deseret News reported.

In May of last year, the church decided to drop Scouting from church programs for boys aged 14-17, according to the Deseret News. That coincided with the Scouts’ decision to accept “transgender” boys — i.e. girls pretending to be boys — into the organization.

The Mormon Church can see where that’s going — just like any sensible person can. Its decision to end the 105-year partnership between the organizations means 425,000 boys will leave an organization of 2.3 million within the next two years.

Of course Your 'Umble Editor at Large Predicted This on Facebook Last Week:

[On the question of 'you can't go wrong on the inclusion of kids...']

As for your point the answer really comes down to how you view the world:

Do you view the world for the reality that it is or

Do you view the world through ideological lenses

The people who are upset at this change, are fundamentally upset because this action lowers the standards to the lowest common denominator (to the small percentage of girls who don't like girls scouts and identify as boys).

The people who see the world for what it is, Understand that there are 'exceptions to the rule' in everything and they are upset to having to cater to every single person that is upset about something and demands a change. They feel that you can't make EVERYONE happy and you should instead try to make as MANY people happy as possible. By accepting girls into the Boy Scouts and removing the "Boy" actually does the opposite. It makes MOST UNHAPPY and only makes a few people happy at the expense of the majority.

Those who view the world through ideological lenses (which you clearly do), wish to see the world--more or less--in a positive light. That there is a lot more positive and goodness to offer the world than bad, therefore you don't see what the negatives of this action is because from your opinion it's just trying to add more 'positivity to the equation.' The unfortunate thing is that 'every action has a positive and negative reaction'. You can't have good without the bad. By lowering the standards of the Boy Scouts will negatively affect membership and boys will leave. What will then happen?

Instead of having positive role models and staying busy in the summers, these boys MAY go off and get into trouble legally. They will seek leaders in the form of gangs, they will grow up without the knowledge of discipline and learning that effort and sacrifice will lead to better character building.

All those negative things happen (and they do) simply because one person complained that having 'boy' in boy scouts was 'sexist.'

This is called 'the tyranny of the minority'. The minority who have ideological perspective on life aren't meaning to be tyrants--they generally are trying to be good people. However, they are so blinded in their positivity that they fail to see the real life consequences for their actions...and worse still...they blame the negative results on other people instead of accepting personal responsibility and this is called ['Cognitive Dissonance']

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