Trooper Report Week of June 10, 2018 - P.O.W. Report

Monday, June 18, 2018

Trooper Report Week of June 10, 2018

Location: Klawock

Type: Abandonment Unlawful
Dispatch Text:

On May 20, 2018, Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales island observed a vehicle abandoned on the Klawock-Hollis Rd and a warning was issued to the owner to have it removed. On June 11, 2018, the vehicle still was there and Jodene Warren was issued a misdemeanor citation for Abandonment Unlawful.

Location: Sitka

Type: SAR / Aircraft Crash Fatal
Dispatch Text:

On 06/10/2018 at about 0100 hours, AST in Juneau was contacted by the USCG regarding an overdue aircraft with two people on board out of Sitka. The aircraft, a piper PA-18 on floats, piloted by Stonie Huffman, age 45 of Sitka and the passenger James Ronge, age 66 of California, departed on 06/09/2018 at about 1915 hours and was enroute to Katlian Bay area for a sightseeing flight that was scheduled to return after about 20 minutes. The USCG was notified at 2327 hours that they did not return, and began searching shortly after. On 06/10/2018 at about 2243 hours, the USCG located the missing aircraft partially submerged in a river in Katlian Bay. The pilot, Stonie Huffman and passenger James Ronge were both located deceased. Next of kin has been notified. The NTSB will be investigating the cause of the crash.

Location: Hollis

Type: Search and Rescue
Dispatch Text:

UPDATE: On the evening of June 11, Klawock Search and Rescue along with USFS, were able to locate both hikers and get them to the USFS cabin on Black Bear lake where they spent the night. On the morning of June 12, the USFS had arranged a plane to pick up the hikers but it was unable to land due to high winds. Both Brooke and Charles were able to hike down the mountain along with the other employees from the USFS.

On June 11, 2018 at about 10:50 AM, the Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales island received a call reporting two hikers that were stranded near Black Bear Lake. Brooke Kubby and Charles Cowley, both seasonal USFS workers, took a wrong turn while hiking in the mountains and became trapped due to weather conditions. USCG was unable to fly due to weather conditions. The USFS along with Klawock Search and Rescue has put together two teams to go up the mountain and get both hikers to a forest service cabin until a plane can land to get them on the morning of June 12. Neither hiker is seriously injured but have been suffering exposure to the elements.

Location: Hydaburg

Type: Criminal Mischief IV (DV)
Dispatch Text:

On 6/14/2018 at 0100 hours, Prince of Wales troopers responded to Hydaburg for a reported disturbance. Investigation revealed 34 year old Michael Bernhardt of Hydaburg caused approximately $500 damage to a family members residence. Michael was located in Hydaburg at 0745 hours and arrested. He was remanded to the Craig Jail pending arraignment.

Location: Klawock

Type: Vehicle Theft II
Dispatch Text:

On 6/15/2018, a Prince of Wales car rental company reported a vehicle, which was to be returned on 6/14/2018, had not been returned as agreed upon. Investigation revealed that 29 year old Mary Cline of Hydaburg signed the rental agreement and was to have the vehicle returned by 1500 hours on the 14th. Efforts by the company to have the vehicle returned failed. At 1925 hours, Prince of Wales troopers observed the vehicle outside of Klawock whereas a traffic stop was conducted. Cline was ultimately arrested and transported to the Craig Jail where she was remanded for Vehicle Theft II.

Location: Klawock

Type: Warrant Arrest
Dispatch Text:

On June 15, 2018 at about 4:25PM, the Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales island observed 28 year old Hydaburg resident Esther Peratrovich sitting in a vehicle in Klawock. Esther had an active warrant for her arrest for failure to appear and was arrested. She was transported to Craig Police Department where she was remanded.

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