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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Fall of Portland Oregon

Antifa starting a riot in Portland during Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer rally by throwing bottles, eggs, and m80s.

If anyone has any question as to who ALWAYS STARTS THE VIOLENCE it's NOT the "Nazis" it's always the radical left....Although technically the "Nazis are the radical left too (National Socialists = Nazi)

[Here's a Second Clearer Angle]

Members of Antifa clashed with members of the conservative group Patriot Prayer Saturday evening in Portland, Ore., forcing police to declare that a riot was taking place as officers fired paintballs filled with tear gas into the crowd, according to the Oregonian.

Scuffles broke out shortly after 6 pm local time as Antifa protesters pelted marchers from the conservative group with eggs, water bottles and firecrackers as the marchers spilled out into downtown Portland for their legally permitted march in support of a conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. The march followed an afternoon rally at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza, Reuters reported .Officers seized weapons like utility knives, clubs and chemical sprays from Antifa protesters as they gathered nearby for their counter-rally.

Portland police eventually made four arrests during the demonstrations – though they said none of them were related to the day’s events. Four others had to be taken to the hospital after being struck by projectiles. [Source]

The question is, Why did the police stand down?

If there has been one commonality in the major national events in this country it is that the police have stood down every single time. They stood down in the Las Vegas massacre, they stood down at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they stood down at the recent Capital Gazette Newspaper shooting and they stood down here. Now, I have no beef with the cops (I almost became one), what is clear in all these events is that politicians intentionally told the police to stand-down for maximum casualties and to inflame resentment.

What will this resentment lead to? Only one result seems inevitable:

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