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Friday, August 24, 2018

Governor Walker Signs Enhanced 911 Call Into Law

SB 215 helps emergency responders automatically pinpoints 911 callers

AUGUST 23, 2018, HEALY – At the Alaska Municipal League meeting in Healy yesterday, Governor Walker signed Senate Bill 215 into law, enhancing 911 services across Alaska.

Sponsored by Sen. John Coghill, and carried by Rep. Jason Grenn, the bill reduces emergency response times by allowing 911 operators to pinpoint the exact location of Alaskans calling from multi-line telephone systems.

Large buildings and businesses that use multi-line systems (such as hotels, office buildings, schools, and more) can have hundreds or thousands of phone installed inside. Without enhanced 911, when an Alaskan dials in an emergency, responders can’t always tell which phone and room they’re calling from. Having to track callers down manually wastes time, and keeps responders from those in need.

“Whether it’s a burning building, someone without English fluency, a child who needs help, or a call from someone who has to remain silent to stay safe, enhanced 911 creates a safety net for every Alaskan,” Governor Walker said. “With enhanced 911, if you call for help, someone is on the way to find you. Period.”

SB 215 updates Alaska’s emergency response system by allowing municipalities to require operators to install or update to enhanced 911 technology. When a caller dials 911, their precise location is transmitted automatically to dispatch.

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