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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kim "Rocket Man" Un No Longer Wearing Dr. Evil Suits!!

Look at him, doesn't he look so happy? Wouldn't it be shocking if we find out years from now that the narrative in the MSM of Kim Jong Un and North Korea being Dr. Evil and mentally insane who runs a concentration camp country was just a facade created to keep America in a perpetual state of war?

Now...hold up...before you roll your eyes let me explain.

You are all old enough to remember how absolutely anti-Soviet Union America was and painted every single Russian as evil (Ha! Well they still do) 24/7. Now, that the Soviet Union collapsed does anyone actually believe that Russians were evil? I mean, i'm Russian and anyone who has met me knows that i'm the nicest (and most handsome) person they ever met!

The truth is the Russian Government was just as corrupt as the American Government (as we are so well aware of now) and the Russian people were innocent and just trying to live their life and dream of a better life...a Make Russia Great Again...if you will.

How was the anti-Russian propaganda at the time any different than the decades of anti-North Korea propaganda that we've had mushed into our brains from birth?

I have a different perspective on Government and History than the average American in lue of obviously being born in a different country. So, i've had the privilege of seeing anti-American propaganda in Russia and seeing anti-Russian propaganda in America and I can tell you with 100% certainty it's all bullshit.

I've also had the fortune of working in the Alaska Legislature and while I was only there for a short time there is one interesting insight that I took away:

By Definition Government is a Conspiracy. 

1 : the act of conspiring together They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
2 a : an agreement among conspirators uncovered a conspiracy against the government
b : a group of conspirators a conspiracy made up of disgruntled aristocrats

Conspire: : to act in harmony toward a common end Circumstances conspired to defeat his efforts.
… the sun and the wind conspired to make splinters out of solid wood. —B. J. Oliphant

You see in government everything that is told to the public;

a. Is informed much later after "xyz" is done
b. Not told everything that happened

That's how it works. Anyone who thinks ANY politician is honest, is completely deluded. The honest politicians in America died shortly after 1777 and the rest since then are a shadow of our Founder's Ethical, Moral and Intellectual capacity.

We know that the Media and America LIED to Get us into the War in the Middle East

They lied again about Syria's President Assad bombing his cities with gas and trying to get us involved deeper with that war, so is it really that much to ask, DID POLITICIANS AND MEDIA LIE ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN NORTH KOREA?

Now, i'm not going to argue that North Korea isn't a shit-hole, it clearly is (as we can see by the satellite photos of the nation) and i'm also not going to argue that North Koreans aren't as well off as their brothers and sisters across the border. 

What I will Argue...

Is the current narrative that Kim Jung Un is a lunatic dictator. Anyone who has actually studied the guy and little bit of history will know that he clearly isn't. If you take away all the propaganda and think for yourselves, there is no way that a country like that would be able to function for this long if it was the "muh NOKO concentration camps" narrative that we are told--even Russia eventually rid itself of the Gulags and gave more freedom to its citizens. 

Now, all this was a recent epiphany and then I remembered that Dennis Rodman 5 years ago went on National TV and said that Kim wanted Obama to call him: 

This SHOULD HAVE BEEN "YUGE" NEWS! And yet notice how ABC immediately dismissed Rodman as a lunatic! Not a single moment was spent seriously discussing why Kim wanted to talk with the US, instead there was an ad-hominem on Dennis. Yet, five years later Donald Trump actually took Dennis and Rodman seriously and decided to have this talk and look at how insane the media became? They even at one point stated that even talking and tweeting about North Korea would create a nuclear war.

The media is clearly either insane, intentional liars, or completely out of touch with the real world considering that after decades Trump has successfully negotiated a truce with North Korea and all he did was simply talk.

Circling Back

How much of what we are told by the media and government is the truth or pure fabrication? In North Koreas case i'm beginning to suspect it was all Kabuki Theatre. My thoughts were then even more solidified when I stumbled upon a body language analysis of Kim Jong Un that absolutely blew my mind. 

So, what do you think? Do you still believe that Kim Jong Un is Dr. Evil or maybe...just maybe...he was intentionally made to be Dr. Evil on an international stage for political purposes? 

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