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Thursday, August 23, 2018

PACE..Why Aren't You Enrolled Yet?

I don't know much about PACE, however, I do know ALOT about Graduating from Craig, Alaska! And it was a great experience!

So, here is what you need to know about PACE:

What is PACE?
What is a correspondence school? We offer homeschool support for Alaskan families. A correspondence school is homeschool learning through parent-provided education at no cost to the family. PACE offers curricular support and individualized assistance from state certified teachers through the use of public school funds.

PACE Vision
Personal, flexible, individualized education plans
Alternative education at home with state funds
Choices through diverse curriculum options
Education for Kindergarten through Twelfth grade

PACE Purpose
We provide guidance, support, and targeted curriculum for homeschool students statewide to become responsible citizens in culturally diverse communities.

Craig City School District Mission Statement
Our students will be lifelong learners who will be resilient, compassionate, self-sufficient members of society.

CCSD will provide an environmnet that empowers every student, every day to transfer their learning to life.

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