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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sunny Weather = Fire Tornadoes! Burn Notice for Craig

It's common sense that since we have been having such great weather that we should be extra cautious with burning things. Although an old friend once told me, "in order to have common sense...society has to have things in common."

Us Islanders, of course, have much more in common and agree on a lot more than we disagree! That said as a preventative measure the City of Craig has closed the burn pit:

PUBLIC NOTICE: Due to dry weather and high fire danger the City of Craig Burn Pit is CLOSED until further notice. The police department will not be checking out the key. No dumping of burnables or open fires at the pit will be allowed. Please contact Craig City Hall at 826-3275 if you have questions.

With that said, this post is really just an excuse to post fire-tornado gifs!

On a more serious note there are several big fires in California that did actually create fire tornadoes. Our thoughts to all the fire-fighters and workers out there!

PS Don't leave Babies or animals in hot cars.


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