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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The POW Arts Extravaganza Exhibit is Lining Up for Sep. 15th!

Gretchen Klein the POW Arts Extravaganza Exhibit Coordinator writes:

The Prince of Wales Island Wide Arts Extravaganza Exhibit on September 15th at the Craig Tribal Association Building from Noon-6PM is coming along very well, with an excellent line up of volunteers and artists!

Photo courtesy of Rohn Solomon

  • Litzi Botello, Port Protection
  • Tamara Bouy, Craig
  • Randi Braz Craig
  • Stephanie Taylor Brock, Coffman Cove
  • Melody Cavanaugh-Moen, SouthThorne Bay
  • Paul Coffey, Craig
  • McKenna Graham, Hollis
  • Bonnie Hamar, Kasaan
  • Stormy Hamar, Kasaan
  • Stephanie Hamar, Kasaan
  • Brian Holter, Klawock
  • Stephanie Jurries, Craig
  • Makenzi Kage, Thorne Bay
  • Michael Kain, Hollis
  • Kris Kain, Hollis
  • Cathy Klinkert, Naukati
  • Kimejoe Lambeth, Hollis
  • Laci Lowery, Craig
  • Judy Magnuson, Port Protection
  • Lucy Maldonado, Thorne Bay
  • Brandy Marinese, Craig
  • Cammie May, Craig
  • Robert McElfresh, Coffman Cove
  • Jeannie McFarland, South Thorne Bay
  • Terri Metcalf, Port Protection
  • Thomas Morrison, Hydaburg
  • Bill Musser, Craig
  • Trina Nation, Klawock
  • Christine Noel, Craig
  • Frederick Otilius Olsen Jr., Kasaan
  • Aurora Owen, Klawock
  • JoAnne Pearson-Johnson, Klawock
  • Kathy Peavey, Craig
  • Warren Peele, Hydaburg
  • Clarence Peele (Jr.), Hydaburg
  • Travis Peterson, Klawock
  • Sherry Preston, Klawock
  • Cyndi Reeves, Craig
  • Deborah Reynolds, Klawock
  • Jeri-Alexis Rosethal, Craig
  • Marty Sharp, Craig
  • Rebecca Sheufelt, Kasaan
  • Rohn Solomon, Klawock
  • Mariia Taylor, Thorne Bay
  • Richard Trojan, Craig
  • Jan Trojan, Craig
  • Tom Trudeau, Craig
  • Madelaine Voegeli, Craig
  • Tom Wargi, Craig
  • Jo Wendel, Thorne Bay
  • Nicole West, Thorne Bay
  • Samantha Wilson, Craig
  • Rachael Yenna, Craig
  • Celeste Mary Zarate, Craig

These types of events take an incredible amount of work and time to plan, create, and put together so please come and support this event so we can keep having these community celebrations that support and shine a light on so many of our talented artists!

Please plan on enjoying the whole day in Craig!  

Sophia Martin

Madelaine Voegeli and Kathy Peavey will also be featuring art classes for a small fee at 9:30AM before the event starts at Noon. Please contact them directly as space is limited to 12-20 people.

Contact Kathy: 907 401- 0790 or Madelaine 303-587-7294

Forest Anderson will have a table for everyone to relax and paint vibrant and colorful stones to place at the Healing Heart Totem Park complimented with a colorful freshly cut rose from Annette Sharpe that each guest can place at the Heart display at Healing Heart Totem Pole in Craig on Saturday in honor of master carver Stan Marsden or any loved one they want to remember.

Stan Marsden on the right

Everyone can enjoy instrumental music through out the day by Antoinette M Ogimachi (Harpist), Sophia Martin (Alaska's Girl from the North Country), and Sally with John Bruns while enjoying appetizers made by Robin Thomas; as well as learn healthy food tips from the POW Good Food & Natural Health Club.

Special thank you to Shelter Cove and DreamCatcher Inn and Charters on discounts for lodging for our out of town guests.

Please make a donation to help this event continue and support Prince of Wales artists and musicians!!

POW Island Wide Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit
P.O. Box 222
Craig, Alaska 99921
907 617-7635

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