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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vote Kenny Karl Skaflestad for District 35

 My name is Kenny Karl Skaflestad, the   Former Mayor of Hoonah. As some already   know I am offering to serve as the District 35   Representative in our State Legislature.

 I was born in Juneau 58 years ago and was   raised in Hoonah with the entire community’s   influence—as is common in many of our   villages. My mother was an Aleut, was   educated in Michigan and became a school   teacher in Hoonah. My father was a Tlingit   breed of Hoonah. He, with only an 8th grade   formal education, became an accomplished   construction superintendent, a commercial   fisherman and co-owner of perhaps the last   independent logging company of the 60’s era.   Windy, my father, was known well throughout   Alaska and served two terms as Mayor of   Hoonah before his passing.

I have two brothers, a sister, four step-sisters and a step-brother, all whom are younger than me. My only son is a first year US Marine whose only complaint is missing our black Labrador retriever—a companion I am rarely seen without.

At a very young age I developed a knack for operating heavy equipment. As my construction career developed, I strived to also partake in commercial fishing; which is another passion and my secondary profession. While the commercial fishing started at a young age, I later worked as a construction supervisor, a commercial hunting guide and have owned and managed several private businesses.

Before becoming Mayor, I was a city council member, the public works director and served various civic action organizations. It was a particular challenge to be Mayor of Hoonah and there were several difficult circumstances, yet I was able to navigate the city through them. I now see our District 35 (and indeed our great State) facing similar challenges. In spite of this, I maintain the utmost faith in “Southeasterners” to band together enough toward a better balance for all. There is a great opportunity to flourish without the need for additional government cost.

As Mayor of Hoonah one of the biggest struggles was finding consensus. Other problems were: our outdated ordinances, an unstable budget process, hastily written contracts and a general lack of leadership. Sound familiar? Well, in Hoonah’s case I was able to produce. During my tenure, after a painstaking round of diplomacy and negotiation, the community found a common focus. My role was greatly inspired by my father’s previous terms as the Mayor and we were able to complete the following:

  1. Completed $10million hydroelectric dam and system
  2. Completed $30million cruise ship dock
  3. Coordinated $12million visitor facilities by private sector
  4. Completed $2 million raw water main pipe replacement
  5. Completed $3 million Traffic safety, Phase 1
  6. Established $7million housing and recreation subdivision
  7. Updated a detailed Economic Development Plan and rewrote nearly 25% of the ordinances.

I am a senior level candidate that won’t need much time before providing results. The position in Juneau for District 35 is not to be taken lightly. When you elect me as your Representative, I will use my grit and determination that can only be mustered by a born and raised Alaskan.

It’s important to realize that only experience and dedication will deliver for you from Juneau. Because Hoonah is so close in location, I have become a frequent inhabitant at our capitol and while there I gained intimacy with the legislative processes and departmental idiosyncrasies. My residence in Hoonah also eliminates per diem costs to the State ($27-54K). There can be no justification for your Representative to be frivolous or wasting time on interests borne elsewhere and by others. There is no call either for an elected official to be “having an experience” as part of your mission. Rather, I see serving in the Alaska House of Representatives as a serious and important responsibility that is measured by success as defined by the voters in the district. My chief ambitions for being elected are to listen to the people, verify their opportunity and then, “Bring home the bacon.”

Kenny can be reached at or (907) 209-6080 and visit his website:

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