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Friday, August 31, 2018

Youth Leadership Program Update From Polk Inlet

Ami from the POW Health Network writes:

The POW Health Network conducted their finale to the team building phase of their Youth Leadership program last week at the Polk Inlet Cabin. The program has been picking up momentum since it started in March of this year. And the essence of the program was truly visible in the teens during this retreat and how they worked together with respect, confidence and teamwork. Problem solving and communication was used in every activity.

We had 16 youth leaders and 5 mentors for the three days.

We were privileged to be able to have three presenters come and interact with the leaders during our stay.

Bob Girt- With Sea Alaska and the TRAYLS program. He was outstanding with his presentation for the youth work source program.

Officer Ben Mank- The teens were awed and thrilled by Alaska State Trooper, Ben Manks survival demonstration and his knowledge of the outdoors and extreme survival situations. He challenged the teams to create their own shelters, which were later judged.
Laura Anania- Naukati teacher and SISD kayak instructor. She was amazing and patient with all the kids. She took everyone that was present out and taught them how to properly kayak.

The activities and challenges ranged from teams building their own rafts and shelters, to adult size Jenga, relay races, kayaking, swimming, fishing and just kicking back.

The leaders were also responsible for taking turns with meal organization and prep.

This Phase of the program has been very successful, we couldn't be happier with how things are progressing, and it is all due to the amazing group of kids that have enlisted and their complete dedication to wanting to become someone that will help make a difference in their communities and island.

We are always needing volunteers and mentors to help in the program, for those that would like to help in encouraging our youth. If there are youth 6th grade and older that would like to join, we would love to have them as well.

Our next phase will be working on self confidence and public speaking, As well as integrating the leaders into their communities and becoming more active in them.

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