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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Walker-Mallott Administration Takes Action to Retain & Recruit State Troopers

Wage increase result of cooperation between DPS, Legislature, and PSEA

AUGUST 29, 2018 WASILLA – On Wednesday, Governor Bill Walker announced the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) has reached an agreement to increase pay to boost retention and recruitment of State and Wildlife Troopers.

Under the agreement, everyone under the Trooper class job series will receive a 7.5 percent pay increase effective September 1, 2018. The Administration will also recommend another 7.5 percent pay increase for Public Safety Employee Association (PSEA) members to the Legislature.

“We need to retain the Troopers we have and we need more Troopers,” Governor Walker said. “I hear it all the time from Alaskans, and from the law enforcement community. We have 52 vacant positions. Increasing the number of people patrolling our communities is the single biggest thing we can do to confront crime, and increasing pay is the best way to get back to full force.”

Through internal surveys, DPS identified competitive officer compensation as a top factor affecting recruitment and retention. The agreements announced today make strides toward closing the wage gap between DPS and other law enforcement agencies. DPS and PSEA have been engaged in dialogue and negotiations for more than a year, after intent language approved by the Legislature advocated increasing pay for law enforcement officers.

“This is one of many ways we are working to improve recruitment and retention at DPS, something that is critical in the effort to build a safer Alaska,” DPS Commissioner Walt Monegan said. “I thank the Governor, lawmakers, DPS, and PSEA for working together to put Alaska back on a path toward competitive salaries.”

DPS continues to work toward the creation of an Anchorage-based Rural Community Commitment Team, to help increase proactive, community-centric policing in rural communities – a key component of the Governor’s Public Safety Action Plan. DPS has also created a tactical pilot position in the Wildlife Troopers’ Aircraft Section to assist with search-and-rescue and counterdrug efforts.

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