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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Halloween Carnival and Haunted House Festivities! [October 30-31]

The POW Health Network is hosting and helping with these great events along with the Fire/EMS and the great work of Chaundell Piburn and crew! They write in and say;

The carnival is set up as an island wide EMS/FIRE appreciation carnival. The Health Network will be supplying a lot of free games, free bouncy houses, goody bags and such.

There are also fundraising options for the community emergency departments, such as food booths, face painting, cake walk, and perhaps a few games.

This is the first year and a lot of last minute organizing, but we hope that this event will let a lot of families to participate and enjoy the holiday without a lot of expense, and hopefully next year we will be able to recruit and include more of the Island emergency services.

Chaundell Piburn and her crew are running and decorating the Haunted House, which this year is the old bunkhouse on the water. They do amazing scare work. A little different than the past years, she will be running a youngster tour that is PG for the little ones, as well as the more extreme thrills for an older kid and adult tour. She also has created an Alaskan corn maze from our very own berry bushes that run around the bunkhouse. There should be lots of thrills for that. Finally she has organized for a beach bonfire right in front of the Haunted house!

Please join the fun!

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