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Monday, October 22, 2018

[Letter to the Editor] "Do you Want to Fix Things?"

'I have been reading all of the opinions in the weekly mailer, The Island Post, regarding the property tax dispute in Craig. Guess what? This was never an issue until the environmentalists succeeded in severely diminishing the timber industry. As an example, I am willing to bet that NAPA in Craig is only taking in 50% of the revenue that it did in 1988. Fighting over money. Some are upset because their taxes are going up while the city is fretting because there isn't enough money for them to foolishly spend. Want to "fix" things? Bring back the timber industry. Or, keep listening to the lies and misinformation from the 'environmentalists' and watch your property taxes keep going up and up and up.. This is precisely why I moved OUT of Craig.

by James Widdifield

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