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Saturday, October 20, 2018

[Natives Rising] Time Wasters are People with Bad Intentions

From Natives Rising:

Thought for the Day~ The Time Waster is an excellent example of a person with bad intentions who is not immediately detectable. The Love Interest who plays hard to get forever but looks at us longingly month in and month out; the potential customer who has to "think about it" after asking a thousand questions, comes back to ask a thousand more and still needs to "think about it"; and that person who always seems to be in the way or having a "crisis" when our attention is desperately needed elsewhere are all time wasters.

They are doing it deliberately more often than we want to believe.

I picked up a hitchhiker recently who had a lot to say about how much her worrisome husband was "changing". In other words, for 20 years this waste of time caused problem after problem, upset after upset and heart brake after heart brake. She stuck it out all that time because he always seemed to find Jesus (I didn't know he was missing) just when she was about at her limit and "suddenly" recognized he needed to change.

Time waster.

If he was going to change the first 50 times he promised, he should have brought some results. The problem is she was so invested in not wanting to be wrong and [having selected a poor husband,] she was desperate to believe him every single time. He knew that.

We always want to believe these people because they are promising something we desperately want. Possibly since Jesus was lost everyone in the situation forgot his teaching: You will know the tree by the fruit it produces.

When we desperately want what someone is promising to be true it is time to stop listening and start looking. Apples don't grow on banana trees and time wasters never bring us anything to match their promises.

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