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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

[Guest Post] Reminder and Introduction to Gun Safety

By Mary Hailey

Hunting Season is here and many people are out and about carrying firearms. Ownership and use of a firearm come with an obligation to use this tool in a safe responsible manner. In all the classes offered at the POW Shooting Club our mantra is the Four Rules of Gun Safety.

For new shooters this is the starting point of gun ownership and for experienced shooters it is a good review. Negligent discharges occur either from ignorance of the rules, or conscious disregard of rules. Let’s review the rules and share them with family and friends. If there are firearms in your home, everyone should know and follow these rules.

#1 Treat all Guns as if they are loaded.

Regardless of whether you just unloaded your firearm and put it in the safe, it should always be handled as if it were loaded and ready shoot. Never assume a gun is unloaded.

#2 Never Point your Firearm at Anything you are not willing to Destroy.

This includes your foot, your TV, the family pet or your favorite family portrait to name a few. In essence always be aware of the gun’s muzzle and where it is pointed. A common mistake is a hunter reaching into the truck for a rifle and pulling it towards themselves muzzle first. In a word, BAD!

#3 Keep your Finger off the Trigger until you are ready to Shoot.

Basically, your finger should only be on the trigger when you have the target in sight and you are ready to shoot. Many guns have mechanical safeties, however keeping your finger off the trigger is the only full proof safety on a firearm.

#4 Know your Target and What is Beyond

Always be cognizant of what is beyond and around your target. We all like to think every shot will find the intended mark, however, it’s important to insure a missed shot does no harm.

By always following these simple rules, chance of a negligent discharge becomes improbable. Use your firearm responsibly and mindfully while you enjoy your hunting or shooting sports. As with all tools, proper usage keeps everyone safe. If you want to attend a class on Hunter’s Education, Women on Target, Basic Pistol or one of our many shooting activities, follow our Facebook Page, Prince of Wales Shooting Club and Gun Range, or check out our calendar on the website POWShooters.com.

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