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Monday, December 10, 2018

Can't Buy a Product Because it Won't Ship to Alaska? Use



We have lived in Alaska......on Prince of Wales Island, in Southeast......and we know about the challenges of living in Alaska!!!

We have experienced the frustration of trying to order products online, only to find out that the seller either does NOT ship to Alaska….or if they do, the cost of Air Freight charged by most package carriers makes buying the product way too expensive.

We can’t count how many times, as Alaskans, we had wished the seller would just offer the option of shipping our purchase through the Post Office!!!

Although our hearts will always remain in Alaska, we made the move down to the Lower 48 in March of 2015. Since April of 2015, while living in Utah, we have worked full-time as professional sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Our online businesses receive and ship packages every day through our facility located at the base of picturesque Mt. Olympus, in Holladay, a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah.

How it Works:

If you are trying to order a product online, and if at the end of the shopping cart process you find that either the seller does not ship to Alaska, or you find that the estimated shipping costs seem excessive (most likely the result of Second-Day Air shipping rates), check to see if shipping your package through My Package 2 Alaska can save you money.

Typically, going through My Package 2 Alaska and the Post Office can save you money, although it may take a few days longer than a package arriving by Second-Day Air freight directly from the seller.

To calculate the costs of forwarding your purchase through My Package 2 Alaska and the Post Office, use the following steps:

#1 - On our "Cost" page, use the USPS Postage Price Calculator link to estimate the postage from our facility in Holladay, Utah, using zip code 84117, to the zip code for your home town Post Office in Alaska.

You will need to complete the info in boxes 1 thru 4 (just enter an estimated date in box 3), and in box 5 select "Package" if all of your dimensions are UNDER 12 inches
select "Large Package" if any of the dimensions are MORE than 12 inches.

NOTE: On the seller’s website, you can often find the dimensions (Height x Weight x Length), and shipping weight of your package being sent from the seller in order to estimate the USPS package rate.

#2 – Add our “Flat-Rate Five” handling charge.

***No matter what size or weight your package is, we will process it
​for a flat-rate fee of $5.00 dollars per package.***

#3 – Is the total cheaper, and/or is it more convenient to use our service as compared to your options with the seller?

If you decide My Package 2 Alaska can save you money, or make delivery of your package more convenient, then when you "check-out" on the sellers shopping cart, be sure to add our Utah address in the "Ship To" section of your order.

**Your Name**
c/o My Package 2 Alaska
4710 Stratton Drive
Lower Level - Unit B
Holladay, Utah

#4 – When we receive your package at our address, inspect it for visible damage, and notify you by text (or phone if you prefer), that it has arrived. We will also send you an email with a convenient Paypal Invoice for the cost of the postage for sending the package to your home-town Post Office.

​ #5 – When we receive your payment, we will immediately print and apply a USPS shipping label with the required postage, and deliver your package to the Post Office. We will also text you a message containing the USPS tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your package.

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