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Friday, February 15, 2019

Hollis Public Library Accepts AC Grocery Receipts!

I just wanted to let you know that the library is still accepting AC receipts. We will be accepting receipts for Nov, Dec and Jan until this Friday (2/15/2019) and then we will be moving on to Feb, Mar, Apr.

The money we receive from the AC 1% program, pays for our summer reading program and allows us to purchase reading material, craft supplies and have a big party at the end of the summer for the kids. Last year we had 12 - 15 kids participate in the summer reading program and it was a great success.

This year the theme will be A Universe of Reading and we will be blasting off on an adventure to learn more about our universe through story time, crafts and other activities. The summer reading program is an integral part of summer time in Hollis and kids and adults alike participate in and enjoy this program.

Please feel free to drop your receipts by the library during business hours or you can drop them in our return box if it is after hours.

Thank you so much for your support for the library, we are here to serve the community of Hollis and are always thinking of new ways to stay engaged, so keep your eyes pealed for some new and exciting events.

Sandy Curtis
Hollis Library

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