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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Natives Rising: The Slavery of Argument

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Thought for the Day~ Abraham Lincoln teaches us how properly and finally to destroy an argument when he described slavery apology as: "You will...(do a bunch of hard work to harvest wheat and bake bread)... and I will eat it." The reason this is devastating is because even though it is unflattering to the slaveholder it is accurate.

Today we argue against positions people take by pretending they are saying something they aren't saying at all. We "read into" their actual words a bunch of crap that usually has nothing to do with what they are thinking and pat ourselves on the back for how smart we seem. Actually that is pretty stupid and highly ineffective

Winning arguments once and for all requires attacking the actual line of thinking of the person presenting an unworkable idea.

Shouting down an opponent or humiliating them with clever insults not only fails to win the argument it also makes the perpetrator look irrational, stupid or evasive.

As Ben Franklin put it: Those persuaded against their will are of the same opinion still.

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