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Monday, February 25, 2019

POW Arts Extravaganza to Occur in 2020

From Gretchen Klein

We have decided to hold the Prince of Wales Art Extravaganza every other year to help build up monetary reserves for on-going event. The next event will be in September 2020.

There has also been suggestions to have 4 different categories for the best of show awards and to limit each person to one category. Due to our budget concerns, we can only have four winners, but we could separate the awards by category. If you have suggestions for 4 categories titles please email them back.

Here are some great opportunities in 2019:

Individual Artists Awards

Ketchikan Galleries Call for the 2019-2020 season for all of the artist on Prince of Wales to submit an application.

Wearable Show idea for 2020 has a deadline posted to enter. This give you ideas for your timelines.

If you would like to make a donation for the on-going support of the POW Art Extravaganza, please send them to KAACH with note for Prince of Wales Island Wide Extravaganza. 

Credit cards can be taken for donations via phone. All donations are tax deductible. Maybe you would consider donating proceeds from one of your art pieces to the show. Mailing address for KAACH is 330 Main Street Ketchikan, Alaska 99901, and the phone number is 907 225-2211

Have a wonderful year! Feel free to post any of your art for sale on art page link, contact information, and cost [here].


Gretchen Klein
Prince of Wales Island Wide Extravaganza

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