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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Thorne Bay Administration is an Absolute Pathetic Joke

An anonymous reader sent this letter to the editor regarding the New Year's landslide that occurred on the South Thorne Bay/Kasaan road: 

The Thorne Bay administration is an absolute pathetic joke, when this was first reported I said that Thorne Bay would evade responsibility and rely on others to fix the road that is access to half the town and guess what, City of Thorne Bay left the South Side of the town without proper safe access for months and City Administrator Wayne Benner still claims they don’t know who is responsible for maintaining the road. After being asked to figure out this long standing road issue for many years during city council meetings, the usual response from City Administrator Wayne Benner was his pathetic Richard Nixon like nod and head shake saying he’s making calls and "trying to figure it out."

After so many years of Wayne Benner failing to properly maintain the South Side Road access and wearing out the same lame answers and excuses for not knowing who is responsible for the road that half the town uses to access their homes, maybe it’s time for the washout City administrator to tender his resignation along with the any other Thorne Bay city council members who dropped the ball to properly support half the town on the South Side.

Another good question is, was there any short period of time for any bids or requests for other contractors to be hired to work on the slide or were the South Side Thorne Bay residents held in hostage for months with no proper safe access to their homes, so that others could go look for major amounts of free grant money to spend in a very controlled manner to select individuals such as the supposed incident control commanders husband who is running the excavator to clear the road?

There should be a full accounting of exactly where every penny of that money is spent, and a full explanation of why the incident commander has no idea how long a job will take that her husband is operating the only excavator on.

Don’t the 300 plus South Side residents, deserve more respect to know what’s going on, other than a sit down and shut up attitude that appears to be happening in plain view?

Only one excavator loading two dump trucks on a 3 mile one way trip to resolve this emergency access issue for over 300 people that have waited months for the road to be cleared, sounds like someone is financially milking this slide to the max.

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  1. City of thorne bay rallied together to deliver groceries and have a transit for ppl and school. Working together solves a lot more problems then sitting on the side lines complaining like a toddler. This letter is just 1 persons opinion. I'm not saying the city couldnt change some things. BUT the road IS getting fixed, which is what matters, and everyone is all in it together, because this hate crap and negative talk won't solve anything.

    1. One opinion that many people seem to share and I don't believe people view it as hate or negative talk simply asking for accountability fiscal and leadership wise.

  2. I agree, Mr Martin. To even suggest there may have been a better way than keeping us hostage for 64 days for federal funds is considered heresy by the 'city officials' who gives the council their marching one council member framed the relationship. There was a landslide in I think 2004 that choked off the access of the north side of Thorne Bay from the rest of the island along the TB-Control Lake highway. It was on City roads but the USFS in two or three days cleared it off. The residents on the north side were not told they had to take Sandy Beach Rd until the city could get federal or state funding. Nothing anyone anywhere says can deflect light from the lack of leadership from our elected councilmembers and the absence of accountability at City Hall. You are correct, it is not hate or negative talk to expect accountability and leadership from City Hall.

    1. The best thing that residents of Thorne Bay can do (and all residents on the island should do) is make a petition for term limits on city council. Since POW is so small and there aren't that many who want to serve here is my recommendation:

      Can serve for two terms and must step down for one term before you are allowed to run again.


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