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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

City of Thorne Bay Eats Crow

This is a letter to the editor:

Federal Lawsuit filed against the Defendants Wayne Benner (city manager), City of Thorne Bay and the City Attorny Clay Keene has been settled.

The City of Thorne Bay and Wayne Benner provided this letter of reference when settling the Federal lawsuit filed against them.

One serious issue I still have is why were my demands denied when requesting the State Troopers to investigate the issue of explosives “supposedly” blowing up in our wood stove right after we left, when the new owner built a fire? Why was my family not warned immediately after the new owner claimed the wood-stove “supposedly” exploded? Was this a real attempt to harm my family or just more viscous rumors to break my family socially and economically, which does appear to be the norm in Thorne Bay.

I am still offering $1,000 reward to the first person who provides me with information that leads to the conviction of the person who put explosives in my family’s wood stove.

Even though several of the persons stalking my family were associated with the City of Thorne Bay, they are distinctly named as “NOT” included in the Federal lawsuit settlement and afforded no protection from future litigation.

Please send me a private message (no public posting of names) with any possible names and or information regarding explosives in the wood stove.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Guy Lane

Letter of Reference:

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