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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Governor Dunleavy talks Budget and PFD in Ketchikan

Governor Dunleavy was in Ketchikan Monday for a talk with the Chamber of Commerce and for some reason about 15 people were protesting outside the luncheon which cleared out to about three after an hour.

The video is only 30 minutes long and is actually very interesting as he does a great breakdown of Alaska history financially and regarding our oil dependency--what many don't know is that 90% of State revenue comes from oil taxes.

Alaska is in the longest recession in history lasting about four years now and clearly we can't keep spending this much money indefinitely. Just for example we doubled our budget in the last 13 years and we average an increase of 13% every year in spending without actually growing our economy.


Taking our PFD isn't going to solve the budget crisis because the state refuses to cut the budget. So, once the PFD is gone, the state would have to increase taxes on average of 4% every year just to keep up with yearly State Budget expenses. 

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