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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Le Canadians Blaming Alaskans for Over Fishing

Yukon chinook salmon run could be lower again this year, frustrating First Nations

1st. I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice? And not complain passive aggressively.

2nd. Why do Canadians care, I thought that they only ate Maple Syrup?

3rd. Where is the Yukon?

Eh, I would complain too if there was a river named Llard in my state 'province' 

The chinook salmon run on the Yukon River this year is expected to be roughly the same size or slightly smaller than last year — and that's frustrating some First Nations along the river.

Many have restricted their harvest of salmon in recent years, to encourage stocks to replenish.

Chinook aka King Salmon have been having rough cycles for several years now as have the Sockeyes, there's a lot of reasons for this.

Yukon chinook runs have been in general decline in recent decades. The last few years have seen annual runs averaging about 73,000 fish, compared to runs averaging around 158,000 in the 1990s. [...]

"It used to take days to process 600 or more chinook that we caught. Now, if we caught any chinook, it would take a half hour to 10 minutes," Nagano told the panel.

"That was then, and now ... we eat salmon from a can."

This year's run is expected to be somewhere in the range of about 69,000 to 99,000 fish, which is similar to what was predicted last year. Experts say that suggests the actual run size may be the same or slightly smaller than in 2018.

Ha! I can't tell who is trolling whom anymore, is it that the Canadian journalists are having slow news days and creating click bait articles to piss off Alaskans or if Canadians are drunk on Maple Syrup and complaining about nothing just for the sake of keeping journalists in business?

The people who should be complaining are Alaskans who have had another restriction on King Salmon two years in a row and substituting King Salmon Derbies for Silver Derbies, meanwhile...

Other Indigenous communities on both sides of the border between Canada and the United States have also restricted their harvests in recent years — but there's been tension over how many fish are still harvested.

Some Yukon First Nations have blamed over-fishing in Alaska for reducing the number that reach spawning grounds in Yukon.

"Yukon hatches the salmon, Alaska catches the salmon," Nagano said.

Is that even true? That doesn't feel true...why would salmon go to Canada? Literally, nobody goes to Canada. Canada is boring...that's probably why there are less returns there. Fish are having more fun in Alaska than the Yukon...
Last year, the U.S. harvest of Yukon River chinook was 19,266 fish. In Canada, it was 2,790 fish.

John Linderman of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said the Yukon River Panel is about working together across the border, and finding ways to monitor and manage the stocks.

Alright, now I know i'm being trolled let's look at Yukon specifically,

Yukon (/ˈjuːkɒn/ ( listen); French: [jykɔ̃]; also commonly called the Yukon) is the smallest and westernmost of Canada's three federal territories (the other two are the Northwest Territories and Nunavut). It has the smallest population of any province or territory in Canada, with 35,874 people.

If we do quick math of 2,790 fish by the population of 35,874 that gives us roughly 7.7% of the population that caught a King Salmon (if it was one per person). That's pretty damn reasonable.  If we take the number of fish caught in Alaska by the Alaskan population 739,795 we get roughly 2.6% of the population per capita with a King Salmon. Obviously, these numbers are hypothetical and don't factor in commercial and sport fishing it does however put in context this click-bait story.

Clearly, we are all concerned about the declining fishing runs. However, to blame one group for the issue, doesn't really solve anything. It's just a passive aggressive kindergarten game of "nuh-uh-you."

I'm nostalgic for the days when adults actually acted as adults and tried to come up with reasonable solutions for problems. I'm hopeful that this article is literal fake news and that our Canadian neighbors aren't actually complaining about having the exact same run return as last year. And 'only' capturing 3K fish and not having to worry about the commercial and sports fishing industry competing with their subsistence life-style....cause if there were fingers to point...

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