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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Natives Rising: Continuing thoughts on Racism

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Continuing thoughts on racism~ Racism is not the only obstacle we face from the private feelings of others. I happen to believe racism is not particularly special as a reason someone tries to stop our success. Many more people will seek to interfere with our lives because we are doing something that inconveniences them than those who want everyone who looks like us to fail. Some of those people will be members of our own race!.

If someone won't date me or won't give me a job does it change anything if they won't do it because they don't like something about me or because they don't like my race?

I simply don't see how but in matters of gross injustice it would make any effectual difference to me. And not every injustice is a gross injustice. Most are simply irritating nuisances. It won't benefit me to work for a boss or date someone who was forced to do it because I found out they don't just hate me but everyone who looks like me. I wouldn't want to work for or date such people anyway.

Racism is called special because it bothers us when people don't like us for reasons that are basically crazy. But you can't treat crazy by yelling at the crazy person or responding to his craziness with additional crazy. You also go crazy trying to understand crazy so why bother?

If my neighbor hates all NDNs I actually would prefer to know that so I won't let my granddaughter play at his house with his kids. He won't change by shaming him. He won't change by passing some law regulating what he can say or do that would or should already be illegal.

If he will ever change it will be because I don't insist on those pointless things and because my living example shows him his crazy ideas don't match reality. For that reason I would let my granddaughter invite his kids over to our house and would treat them very well.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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