Sign-Up for the City of Craig Clean-Up Week - P.O.W. Report

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sign-Up for the City of Craig Clean-Up Week

City Clean-up Week May 6th-10th, 2019

City crews will be loading and hauling debris during this week based on location.

The schedule will be as follows:

Monday-Tanner Crab and Shaan Seet
Tuesday-Hamilton Drive to Port Bagial
Wednesday-Port Bagial to Harbor
Thursday-Harbor to Fifth Street
Friday- Fifth Street to West Craig (Beach Rd)
Customers will be added to the clean-up schedule by calling 826-3275 or by submitting the form below. It is the customer’s responsibility to call or submit information via the website to be put on the pick-up list. ALL CUSTOMERS DEBRIS MUST BE OUT ON MONDAY MORNING.

Debris will need to be sorted into separate piles;

Wood products/waste
White Goods (Refrigerators/Freezers)
All other garbage
*Refrigerators and freezers must have refrigerant removed and be tagged by an authorized servicer. Wood waste will be taken to the City burn pile with all other to be hauled to the Klawock Landfill. Disposal charges from the Landfill can be passed back to the customers.

Sign up for the Clean Up Week Here

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