Adventures of the Hollis Geese - P.O.W. Report

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Adventures of the Hollis Geese

Steve and Ginni Gass Run a blog on Facebook called "Alaskan Jungle Chronicles" they post about their adventures in Hollis [and you should follow them here].

Below is a few excerpts from their recent foray into domesticating geese:

We have had quite the couple of days! Remember when we said we were getting some geese? Well they arrived early yesterday morning. Three are half grown and 3 smaller ones perfectly capable of being on their own. All was well until just before 6 PM last night when Steve came inside for a snack before going to a meeting. In a space of about 10 minutes the geese just VANISHED!

We searched and searched following their poop trail but couldn't find them anywhere when it disappeared. We never thought to look in the opposite direction. It was a long night of feeling bad and wondering what happened to them. Then early this morning we had word. Our geese had been rebellious teenagers and had joined a bonfire party down the road!

The people didn't know the geese were ours and by the time word got out they were gone. Steve drove around again this morning looking for them but they were nowhere to be found. He came home dejected and tried to work on a project but eventually decided to go for a walk. About an hour later I heard him calling me and there he came with a long stick and his jacket herding our geese down to the driveway!

They'd been near a vacation home that is vacant! I tried to help him steer them to the bridge leading to their fenced area but they were having none of it! Baxter the dog was a worthless herding dog so we put him inside. LOL!

After some tempting them with strawberry tops and lots of herding with sticks and brooms, we finally got them near the bridge. Instead of going across it all but one ended up UNDER it! And then they started getting stuck all piled on top of each other. Steve managed to get one in his arms and put him inside the pen. The one that was by itself started looking for a way to get in with the other one. Then we had to get the other 4 out! He managed to get 2 at once and was taking them across when I managed to grab one myself. Unfortunately I had it by the neck and was trying to hold onto a squirming, sqawking goose without choking it! What a scene that would have been to see! HAHAHAHA! Finally Steve got that one from me and we comforted the poor thing and then the last one made its way onto the bridge and got itself into the pen with a bit of help. We were so happy they were home! A wonderful neighbor came down and helped Steve beef up the fencing. They got into the pond and started splashing and diving and swimming like they owned the place. :)

Our next adventure with them will be at 9:30 our time when it's time to put them inside for the night to keep them safe. The Case of the Missing Geese has been solved but I'm sure the story hasn't ended yet! Stay tuned for more adventures!


And once again the rebellious teenagers have vanished! We can't find them anywhere... :( NOT the way to raise geese! LOL! We may have to take goose raising classes! LOLOL! Obviously we can't turn our backs on them for a second because they vanish whenever we do!

[Read the rest of the story here]

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