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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Natives Rising: On Physical Beauty

Natives Rising is a great page on Facebook that you should follow [here] below is a post from earlier in the week. 

Thoughts about physical beauty~ I saw something fascinating the other day. An actress in one of the Korean Dramas I love to watch was playing an ordinary woman dealing with jealousy issues over a much prettier woman she has been compared to all her life.

This same actress played another role just a few months ago where she was a celebrity considered to be the most beautiful woman in the country. In fact, every time she had a scene with another pretty actress she was so much more attractive the other woman only seemed beautiful if the first one wasn't on the screen.

Makeup, hairstyle and clothing certainly played a role in making this extraordinarily beautiful woman look "average" (I don't think it would have been possible to make her look ugly) but it occurred to me that her attitude and posture were the biggest factors. In the one show she was bright, self confident and walked around with her shoulders back and her head upright. In this new one she's down in the dumps one minute, angry the next and has no confidence at all.

It would seem our spiritual health has as much to do with attractiveness as the shape of our bodies.

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