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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dronethusiast $500 Women in Science UAV Scholarship

There's a $500 scholarship available to High School girls click [here for more info.]

As a website that puts a very high level of regard on issues regarding science, we understand better than almost anyone that the younger generations who will soon be entering college are one of the most important resources we have. As college costs have risen by more than 1000% since the 1980’s, even the best and brightest in America feel as if they may not have all of the resources necessary to pay for college.

Even if some scholarships and financial aid are achieved, there are other impending costs such as books, housing, and supplies that add up so fast it makes new students’ heads spin. When a gifted mind is pulled in many directions by the stresses of making ends meet, it is distracted from the learning and productivity it is capable of!

That’s why we here are Dronenthusiast are happy to give back to female students who are choosing to pursue science. We have already documented just how important drones can be when it comes to operations such as search and rescue, geography and mapping, along with having some good leisure time flying with friends.

We felt that truly doing our part includes offering a $500 scholarship for a college-bound individual, and they just have to write an impressive essay at the attention of our staff. The deadline is Dec. 1st of every year, and 1 winner will be chosen by Jan. 1st.


You must be currently enrolled as a high school or college student
Email your application to Justin Ford at justin@dronethusiast.com by December 1, 2019. This E-mail will include a 1-2 page essay, a 1-page submission document, and 1 letter of recommendation.
You must demonstrate some need for financial assistance.
This scholarship is available to women of all majors who are going to school anywhere in the world – this is NOT a US-only scholarship.

Your application will be evaluated based on:

Individual determination and will to succeed
Future goals and detailed plans to achieve them
Ability to communicate the hardships you have overcome or currently face
Self-motivation in completing challenging coursework
Demonstrated need for financial assistance

Submission Guidelines:

In order for your application to be considered you must submit a 1-2 page essay written in either Spanish or English. In this essay, you must describe an idea you have that will use drone technology to improve the environment on a global or local scale.

Along with this essay, you must submit a letter of recommendation and an additional 1-page application document which will include:

Your name and contact information
The school you attend and their contact info
An additional 1-paragraph demonstration of your need for the scholarship money
This document and the letter of recommendation must also be written in either Spanish or English.

The deadline to apply is 12:00 AM on December 1st, 2019. The reward will be distributed before February 1st, 2020 to your school’s financial aid department.

The reward will be sent directly to the student’s school, in the name of the financial department of the school. All information you send to us in lieu of this scholarship will be completely private, and not shared with anyone for marketing or any other commercial purposes.

All information submitted in your essay and application will be kept private and never given or sold to anyone. The winner will be displayed on this website for purposes of promotion.

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