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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ketchikan "Thunderstruck" with Power Outage Monday Evening

Monday afternoon and evening Ketchikan and parts of Prince of Wales were witness to a rare reminder that we are just puny humans on an earth that may strike us down with it's awesome raw power--thunder and lightning!

Strike us down it did as many residents in Ketchikan found themselves movie less, powerless, and in the dark for a short period.

KPU writes:

Customer Alert-power is out islandwide. Please report if you saw lightning strikes or sparks! 
UPDATE: (7:55pm) The cause of the outage has been identified and power is being restored across the grid. Stay safe and we will have the lights back on soon!

Thunder was caused by Odin sneezing, result was lightening hitting the line connecting KPU to Seapa. Any claims made by the human man Jurgen are just noise by a lesser being and not to be believed.

Many residents had a good laugh regarding the situation:

PS The headline was just an excuse to share this music video:

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