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Friday, July 19, 2019

Natives Rising: Final Thoughts About People

I have a bias, Natives Rising is my favorite poster on Facebook and I encourage you to follow his posts [here].

Final thoughts about People~ People are basically good. Men are basically good, women are basically good, kids are basically good. At best 20 percent of the population have antagonistic feelings toward their fellow man and its not more than 2 or 3% of the population that are rotten.

Its easy to see this is true by a quick and silent study of the people around you. If there are 40 people in your group you will likely find 8 of them will be grouchy or snarky or generally the reason you can't get any peace and quiet. 1 of those 8 likely will be a terrible person who intends to cause trouble.

The difference between the two is the grouchy sarcastic ones aren't really trying to hurt people in general though they might have specific people they would like to damage. The terrible person is usually the hardest to detect until you remember one thing: Almost nothing he says is true and what he says is designed to startle, scare, sadden or anger. Even if there is truth in what he says the true parts are used to back up very hurtful lies.

Not all people are bad, not even most people, but the ones who are bad are so bad they will be found somewhere around at the start of virtually every bad thing that happens.
Watch out.

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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