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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Natives Rising: Responsibility is vital to happiness

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Thought for the Day~ If I have to get to work by a certain time in the morning I would help myself tremendously by getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Amazingly, if I do this the chances of me being late or too tired to really perform well drop dramatically.

This magical ability to control the future is called discipline. Discipline is the key foundation of responsibility. Responsibility is vital to happiness.

Thought for the Day~ There are some products that can't be sold without an explanation. How many people would immediately flock down to the Chevy dealer if it was suddenly announced they had a brand new car with 2 seats that is on sale for $80,000?

But if they said the car was a tricked out Corvette suddenly the price tag would make sense and one or two people would show up to write a check.

Ideas are the same way. We are looking for a quick and easy explanation: "What is the bottom line?" we want to know. Only to find out later (because hopefully we are people who will actually listen and not pretend we know everything) that a 'bottom line-this idea is kinda like' explanation doesn't really tell us anything. We only get an "$80,000 car with 2 seats" bottom line that really doesn't tell us why we should be interested.

Sometimes we just have to be patient and stop asking for the 5 second summary that actually will tell us nothing.

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