2019 City of Craig Election Candidates - P.O.W. Report

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

2019 City of Craig Election Candidates


Tim O’Connor:

We have been working hard with changes and new projects in Craig for the past two years. If re-elected as mayor I will continue to work hard to keep our progress going for Craig and Prince of Wales.

Jan Trojan:

I have been a resident of Craig starting 2007 – moved 2008 til present. My first step if elected will be to remove healthcare benefits from the mayor position – until healthcare payments for officials is reasonable. My second step will be to mentor individuals in public service and to hopefully recruit more volunteers in city, where feasible. We have big projects ahead.

 I will lean on community leaders/individuals to do the most with what we have. I am not a career politician. I want to retire. City of Craig needs to foster economic development, appreciate the businesses we have.

City Council (Two Three Year Seats)

Michael Douville
No info

Michael Kampnich:
Long term resident of Craig. Currently a member of the Harbor Advisory Committee. Worked for the city as past harbormaster and police officer. Want to continue to be involved in community.

Chanel McKinley:

I have lived, worked, and been a member of our community for all of my adult life. I really want the best for Craig.

Craig School Board (Two Three Year Seats)

Scott Brookshire:
no info

Chrissy Torsey-Lucero:

I have called Craig my home since 1975 and I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my children than here. My husband and I have two children, our son is 21 and our daughter is 7. My roots run deep within this community and island and I am proud of both my Tlingit and Haida ancestry.

 My interests are in learning more about native traditions so that we may continue to pass these on to our children. Other interests are hunting, hiking, kayaking and camping. If given the opportunity again, I will continue to be an advocate for all students of Craig City School District


Proposition 1-



Shall the City of Craig, Alaska increase its sales tax rate from five percent to six percent,

if the sales tax revenue generated by the rate increase is dedicated to funding the Craig Aquatic Center?

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