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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Coast Guard Inspectors in Southeast Alaska Find Discrepancies on Commercial Vessels

JUNEAU, Alaska — The Coast Guard inspected several passenger vessels in Juneau and Sitka that are owned and operated by Allen Marine and found some discrepancies ranging from material condition to crew familiarity to be corrected.

The Coast Guard conducted 10 vessel inspections to the Allen Marine fleet, to include three in Sitka, and seven in Juneau. The discrepancies that were found have been corrected, or are being corrected to allow operation to resume.

“The Coast Guard and Allen Marine are working hand-in-hand to correct deficiencies that have been identified, and Allen Marine has voluntarily planned a series of internal safety inspections to ensure operators are trained and the vessels are safe,” said Capt. Steve White, Captain of the Port and Officer-In-Charge of Marine Inspections of Southeast Alaska. “The cooperation between the Coast Guard and Allen Marine has been very good. The Coast Guard works hard to ensure passenger vessels in Southeast Alaska are safe, and we appreciate the partnership with them in that endeavor.”

Allen Marine has been a long-time operator in Southeast Alaska region, and the Coast Guard has provided oversight of their long history of safe operation. The goal of these types of inspections conducted is to ensure continued safety on the water.

Coast Guard inspectors, along with industry partners, work to ensure visitors to Southeast Alaska will enjoy safe opportunities on the water.

“The safety of all visitors and those on the water is paramount to the Coast Guard,” said White.

The Coast Guard will also be conducting future inspections of other passenger vessels that operate in Southeast Alaska to ensure the same level of compliance.

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