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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

There is NO Increase in Hate Crimes in Alaska

KTUU:  Wrote an article recently that they updated a day later with the catchy and click bait title:

In the article they write:

Hate crimes nearly doubled in Alaska from 2017 to 2018, according to the FBI's 2018 Hate Crime Statistics, released Nov. 12.

Nationally, hate crimes are down slightly. In 2018, 7,120 hate crimes were reported to the FBI's uniform crime report; in 2017, 7,175 were reported.

For the 2018 report, four jurisdictions in Alaska - Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Kotzebue - reported a combined total of 7 hate crime incidents. That's up from 4 reported incidents across the state in 2017.

2018 - 7 incidents
2017 - 4 incidents
2016 - 11 incidents
2015 - 8 incidents
2014 - 6 incidents

Turns out it didn't happen and KTUU was quick to contact Fairbanks and updated the story:

Three of the crimes captured in the data came from Fairbanks.

"None of them was a hate crime," Fairbanks Police Chief Nancy Reeder told KTUU in a phone call Tuesday.

2Investigates [sic] placed calls to the four police departments which reported incidents. The Fairbanks police chief and the Anchorage Police Department returned KTUU's calls. The Kotzebue and Juneau Police Departments did not immediately return our calls.

Alaska communities enter crime states into the federal Uniform Crime Report via the Alaska State Troopers, which gathers data from around the state and passes it on to the FBI.

Chief Reeder told KTUU her review of the three incidents reported by her department showed that none of the incidents were hate crimes, yet officers categorized them as such. "It's a training issue," Reeder said.

Here's the problem

Why does KTUU and nearly EVERY corporate news site NEVER LINK TO THE STUDY OR REPORTS??? You may not notice things like this, however, in the internet world where a hyperlink is very easy to create and ''journalists'' have an obligation to CITE THEIR SOURCE. A source is RARELY cited. 

When discussing "Hate Crimes" in our hyper political world where the words are immediately equated with RACISM, it's important to take the time and actually provide the EVIDENCE. 

1. Of course, KTUU doesn't do that because they want Alaskans to hate each other and think that 7 crimes are an 'Increase."

2. Journalists are the lowest IQ morons in the 'professional' world and they are too lazy to do extra work.

The Evidence

Thankfully KTUU did change the story and with the retraction of the two non racial hate crimes from Fairbanks and the disability the hate crime total drops to four. Except that's not even the whole story! They were still wrong!

The racial hate crime for the entire state of Alaska actually drops to TWO! One in Anchorage and One in Kotzebue. With two religious hate crimes in Juneau and zero disability hate crimes in Fairbanks. With an Alaska population of over 700,000 TWO RACIAL HATE CRIMES IS LOW!

But wait that's not the entire story!!!


Remember how KTUU insinuated that in 2017 there were four racial hate crimes? Turns out it's only three with the fourth one being religious. It's the same story for all the other years with the exception of 2016:

2016 - 11 incidents
2015 - 7 incidents
2014 - 5 incidents

Now it's awful that crime happens for any reason and perhaps if the Democrats in our legislature made "hate crimes" illegal it would SOLVE all of our problems. However, apparently they are too busy plotting and planning on how to steal the rest of our PFDs.

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