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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tree Branch On Hydaburg Road Takes out POW Power Thursday November 21st.

A tree branch near mile 7 of the Hydaburg road fell on a transmission line that ended up shutting down the hydro station and causing momentary power outages. POW Report spoke with AP&T and they confirmed that the power went out at 3:49pm to 3:50pm and again at 5pm and 5:05pm.

AP&T has "automatic restoration" which means when the main system goes down backups are automatically turned on to get electricity to the different communities as quickly as possible.

How long each community was out of power during the first outage:

Klawock 2 minutes
Hollis 1.5 minutes
Thorne Bay 2 minutes
South Thorne Bay 45minutes
Coffman Cove 2 minutes
Hydaburg 2 minutes
Naukati 2 minutes
Craig 14 minutes
Klawock Lake Subdivision 40 minutes
Kassan 11 minutes

Power was restored to all locations and the transmission line fixed by 6:30pm.

The reason why there are small groups of homes that didn't get power right away (for example West Harris River in Hollis and S. Thorne Bay) is because they aren't tied into the "automatic restoration" system and have to wait until the main transmission lines are fixed.

While it seems that Prince of Wales has a much higher outage time than the national average, AP&T actually does a great job at keeping this island below the national average with only 4.435 outages a year.

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