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Friday, January 31, 2020

POW Aluminum Can Drive Collected 500 pounds of Cans

Earlier in January Richard Trojan had a recycling drive and it was a success, he writes an update:

Our first aluminum can drive is done. About 500 pounds of cans have been removed from the city’s trash expenses. Some trash was found in with the cans. I filled up my trash can twice while prepping the shipment. A lot of the trash was the plastic bags they were in. I transferred the cans into large containers for shipping and for inspection for trash.

Our future plans for continuing this operation is bellow and i’m calling it a club. Please call me at 826-3734, message me at Trojan’s recycling on facebook or find me around town. And make a commitment to join the club and follow the guide lines for good recycling.

The guide lines:

  • Find a large can. Trash can, old 50 gallon drum, plastic or metal. An old fish tote. Place in a secure site inside or outside, behind the shop, house garage. Put a old piece of plywood on it. Put holes in the bottom so it drains the rain water if it’s outside.
  • Well drained or rinsed, crushed cans from the house collection site can be place in the storage can. No plastic bags.
  • Watch for the next announcement that we are accepting cans.
  • Club members can drop off the cans they have collected after the announcement of the next collection drive.
  • The carwash is NOT a DUMP. Do not bring any cans to the carwash until requested. The state has a $1.000.00 dollar fine for littering. Unauthorized dumping at the carwash shall be considered littering and fines will be imposed.
  • If you want help locating and prepping your storage can please contact me for help. I will have some available.
  • Steel cans can be recycled. Same rules as above. Separated from Aluminum. Cleaned and crushed. I know they are a pain.
  • If this is to much work for you then just throw it away responsibly.

A big shout out to Kevin Cottle and the many others I didn’t get permission to name, for their efforts to get this going.

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