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Friday, February 28, 2020

Hancock Family Spaghetti Fundraiser [February 28th]

There is going to be a spaghetti fundraiser today, Friday February 28th from 4 pm until gone at the Klawock ANB Hall for l0 dollars a plate.

Spaghetti is cooked by Irving Langmaid with garlic bread and dessert fundraiser for Hudson Hancock, Andria Hancock and family, one of our local nurses who needs our help. Their baby has been in a Swedish hospital for two week.

Go Fund Me Updates:

FEBRUARY 16, 2020

by Andria Hancock, Beneficiary

Today marks 6 days in the hospital and our 7th night. Hudson’s lungs are still very full of secretions. Exactly how junky he sounds when he coughs is how he sounds on the inside. He had a chest x-ray that was negative for pneumonia and edema. In between getting albuterol he is also getting racemic Epi to help cough the phlegm up and make it easier for the secretions to move. He is also getting some nasal drops that mirror afrin. Nothing has changed with his Heliox. Because his lungs are still so junky and change between wheezing and the sound of a washing machine the oxygen has been fluctuating up and down as needed to help elevate the struggle to breathe. Today Hudson got to take a sponge bath and he LOVED every minute of that! He still has a fight and aways to go but seeing him in the tub of water and looking around gives us hope that we may be approaching the mend. Prayers that the plateau will lead us down the hill to recovery. Thank you for your financial support, it will help us in more ways then one. Thank you to every one of you for keeping him in your continued prayers. The ongoing support and words of comfort have definitely been helping Shane and I through this trying time. We are forever grateful ❤️

FEBRUARY 18, 2020
by Margaret Peele, Organizer

Today marks 8 days in the hospital. 7 of them at Swedish first campus. We have hit a plateau the past 6 days. No movement forward and none backwards. Hudson has a very aggressive strand of RSV that is affecting his airway and ability to move secretions more than the usual virus. He is on a feeding tube and receiving albuterol treatments around the clock. In between those treatments he is getting nasal drops and Tylenol. Today we met with the pulmonologist in hopes that we could introduce a new level of treatment to change us from the plateau to improvements. However, according to the pulmonologist there is nothing more that can be done at this point. His opinion on the health of Hudson is that we are weeks away from discharge and clearance to travel home. His lungs are full of secretions that aren’t really moving and are so sticky. We will have another x-Ray in 48 hours to rule out pneumonia or any other bacterial infection. Our road ahead is really long. There is talk of us being here at least 1 month more including being cleared to travel home. The unknowns are hard to not think about. The longer we need to be here the longer we go without funds. I am not working at this time and Shane is here on leave without pay. While finances shouldn’t be thought of in this stressful time they are- the bills are building and not going away. We are usually on the other side of fundraisers so asking anyone to do or give anything to us is HARD. We hate to admit it, but we need financial help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
-Andria & Shane

FEBRUARY 21, 2020
by Margaret Peele, Organizer

Hudson is doing really well. He no longer has the helium to breathe. He is on 4 liters of oxygen. Today he gets to bottle feed in hopes to get the feeding tube removed. He still has aways to go but is close to getting out of the hospital. Him and his mom will be staying in the Seattle area for at least 1 week before going back to Alaska to make sure he is healthy.

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
by Margaret Peele, Organizer

Hudson fought a long 2 weeks of RSV and respiratory distress. He was cleared today to go home. He still has RSV but is on the mend from the roughest patch. He is placed on an Albuterol inhaler to use as needed over the next few weeks. Andria will be at home with him until he is healthy enough for her to return back to work. Andria and Shane will be keeping a close eye on him hoping he recovers quickly. They are due back on the island Tuesday night.

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