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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Editorial: It's Just a Flu and Other Stunning Insights into the Covid19 Panic

Basically, if you don't watch this entire video you have no right to comment on this coronaids hysteria since you people are so pumped full of virus fear porn you can't think straight.

The world's economies are being destroyed, threatening a global depression and getting us dangerously close to further revolutions and civil wars simply because media is hyping a virus.

I have posted in the past that the corona-virus is simply a common cold. Calm down, I can already hear the lamenting and gnashing of teeth. Let's calm down and use our big heads, here is what we know:

6 out of 7 people have Corona and don't even know it! Simply put, if you have a 'deadly virus' and don't even know it, NOR show any symptoms HOW DEADLY CAN IT BE?? Re-read the sentence again: 6 out of 7 people have Corona and don't even know it! Simply put, if you have a 'deadly virus' and don't even know it, NOR show any symptoms HOW DEADLY CAN IT BE??

"Stealth" coronavirus cases are likely fueling the pandemic, and a whopping six out of seven cases could be undetected, according to a new study. [...]

"These undocumented infections often experience mild, limited or no symptoms and hence go unrecognized, and, depending on their contagiousness and numbers, can expose a far greater portion of the population to virus than would otherwise occur," the study found.

While most COVID-19 illness is mild, the CDC reports that serious illness occurs in about 16 percent of cases. Older people and those with chronic health conditions are the most at-risk.

Don't be a Doomer Boomer! These over-reactions are completely insane! I have never seen grown adults flip so many lids after saying 'this is just a flu.' WOW! Emotional much? This is all emotional fear porn we are experiencing. Here are the latest numbers that show the Coronavirus compared to the Seasonal Flu:

Explain to me exactly, how hoarding all the worlds toilet paper and shutting down business' and RUINING PEOPLES LIVES FINANCIALLY based on these numbers is justified? It isn't. Even with all the 'super duper scary numbers' coming from Italy doesn't come close to the number of flu deaths just from America this year!

A further point, I was talking to a friend over the weekend about this virus and he mentioned he has lots of contacts in Hong Kong and nobody there, know's anyone who has the coronavirus! Did you re-read that? Hong Kong, one of the largest cities in the world, next to China's mainland doesn't have any first hand experience with this virus!

What doomer boomer excuse are you going to give on that? "But, But, But..." But what??? People on this Island and Ketchikan are flipping lids and acting like complete morons because you people believe the media! The Lyin' Press! When's the last time the news ever told you something truthful?? For the Boomer generation, you grew up your entire life believing the media when they said Eggs and Bacon were bad for you and to use lots of CRISCO--an industrial lubricant!! And you believed it! Now what? Somehow, the media is being honest about this common cold virus simply because it reminds you of the horrors of drinking cheap Mexican beer? Get a grip on yourself!

Below is a screenshot I took while reading up on the common cold and guess what, the common cold symptoms and causes ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE CORONAIDS! Coronavirus has been around FOREVER as that gentleman in the video describes. It's present everywhere. A "novel" just means a new strain. Covid 19 is simply a new strain of coronavirus which is a common cold.

There is a psychological term called "Cognitive Bias" the short definition of it is that people will justify what ever is in their head to prove that they are right. Some of you will delete me from facebook. Some will call me names, some will give the 'but, but, but...' arguments while others probably didn't even reach the end of this article. For the few that are here to the end and are able to calmly read this editorial, Of course we should always wash our hands! Of course we should always be mindful of others who are sneezing and coughing in public. Of course you should always take precautions in public. However, to irrationally shut down commerce, lock down business' and impoverish moms and dads who now can't go to work because of this hysteria is simply insane!

You have to ask yourself, how long will you be paranoid about a so-called virus and be quarantined for? 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years? At a certain point you have to get out into the real world and face reality! Here is the reality:

A. This is not the Black Death
B. This is not the Spanish Flu
C. 6 out of 7 people who have this damn thing don't even know they have it because the symptoms are so minor.

Even the Ketchikan guy who wrote about his symptoms said he mostly recovered in a day and a half. That's your first hand source that it isn't. That. Bad! Now, if the Ketchikan guy wrote how he bleed out anally and started hallucinating about malarkey hiding in the corners of his house and that the spirit of Genghis Khan kept taking a shower in his bathroom then yes. Yes I would panic and would worry about this so-called virus. That's not the case. He is your local first-hand account of what this so-called 'virus' does and it just gives you a slight temperature and the sniffles.

Take a breather. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air that we are lucky to have in Alaska and stop falling for the fear porn.

Have a blessed day!

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