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Monday, March 16, 2020

It's Official Corona Cases Jumps to 3 in Alaska


Governor Dunleavy Issues Statement on Two Positive COVID-19 Cases

March 16, 2020 (Anchorage) - Earlier this evening the Governor’s Office was informed of two presumptive positive cases of the virus that causes COVID-19 from two patients from the Fairbanks area. Both individuals are stable and do not require hospitalization. At this time these cases do not seem to be from community to community spread because both of these individuals had been traveling in the lower 48.

“I want to commend Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for its response to these two cases,” said Governor Dunleavy. “The preparation and training staff members have done not only in the recent weeks, but over the years has prepared them for today. We knew there would be cases in Alaska and over time we are expecting more cases.”

“Even as we expect more cases in Alaska, we must remember each case is a person diagnosed with COVID-19,” said Dr. Anne Zink. “Now and in the coming months we must always show compassion for the patients, but also the staff and the community. As we do this we must also remember the guidance we share with you in hopes of preventing and slowing the spread of this pandemic across our state.”

Just yesterday Alaskans received guidance for returning travelers.

If you are at Medium Risk please take these precautions for travelers returning within 14 days from outside of Alaska (including the rest of the United States) you should:

Discuss your work situation with your employer before returning to work.
Minimize contact with people as much as possible, self-monitor and practice social distancing.
This may mean not going to work or school if you cannot safely be distanced from others – especially if you traveled in a location where community transmission is occurring.

By taking these precautions as well as following previous guidance including regular hand washing, cleaning surfaces and avoiding large gatherings (March 13 COVID-19 Health Alert: Recommendations for Keeping Communities Safe) we can hopefully keep ourselves and each other safe and healthy.

Original Story:

Two older men in the Fairbanks area have tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling in the Lower 48, Alaska’s chief medical officer said in a press briefing Monday night.

The two positive test results came in Monday evening, Dr. Anne Zink said. She described these as “travel associated cases”: Both men had been traveling to places in the Lower 48 where community transmission was happening, and had been out in the Fairbanks community “for a period of time,” Zink said.

Both individuals are currently stable and isolating at home, Zink said, adding that their families and close contacts will be asked to be quarantined. It did not appear that the two men had been traveling together, Zink said. The state’s epidemiology team is still investigating all their contacts with other people, which Zink described as “an ongoing process throughout the evening.” When asked whether the two individuals had traveled through other Alaska communities, she said that was “part of their ongoing investigation.”

Well, it's official now we are all going to die!

The Russians aren't putting up with any of this corona malarkey. They are on the right path, in Mother Russia the Corona won't come to you, if you chant it away at soccer games. "We are all going to die" is a chant that all Russian citizens have memorized by heart! President Putin tells all expecting mothers,

"Listen, we aren't going to put up with any malarkey. As soon as your child is born teach them to go to soccer matches and shout 'We are all going to die.' If you don't do this we will send you to America to rig Presidential elections because we aren't putting up with your dissident malarkey!" 

Putin then rides away on a ritz cracker after giving this speech.

Russia has the best Ritz

In related news, Alaska Air cuts flights, and CEO cuts own pay to zero 

Alaska Air Group is cutting its capacity by 10% next month and at least 15% in May as part of a package of crisis measures that includes deferring payments to Boeing for pending jet deliveries and asking employees to take voluntary leaves of absence. CEO Brad Tilden also joined other airline bosses in cutting his base salary to zero.

In a filing for investors, Tilden said the crisis appears worse than the post-9/11 downturn in airline business. [...]

“We processed 362,000 cancellations for March in the past two days and have taken only 93,000 new bookings, so on a net basis we are down 269,000 bookings,” he wrote.

Alaska disclosed that as of March 16, seats on flights this month are 56% booked, 25 percentage points lower than normal.

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